BMW has a new “hard goods”, a new station wagon with a technological cockpit and six cylinders, rear exhaust into a bed

2022-04-23 0 By

Takeaway:BMW to new “hard”, a new match technology cockpit with six cylinder wagon, emissions fell into bed with people living standard rise, more and more people choose to buy their own car, whether it’s travel, work, travel, visiting relatives and friends are all very convenient, and with the development of the domestic brands very rapidly, more and more new models, let everybody hand-stitching the eyes,And joint venture models to bring very great pressure, and travel version of the model is very popular recently, because of its with MPV space and car comfort, got the attention of many consumers, including a member of the BMW brand as first-line brand, under the retainer of the audi and Mercedes, always appears very fashionable and move feeling, very accord with aesthetic of the young consumers,So a new model has recently been unveiled.Station wagon for recent market sales increase rapidly, a lot of joint venture brands and domestic brands are listed on the accelerating wagon, so BMW also sit not to live, also recently appeared new 3-series wagon, and the biggest difference is that new car with normal version, give a person the feeling is the most intuitive car gets bigger, without become warped on the trunk,In addition, the standard length of the new BMW 3 Series Travel version is only 4709mm (76mm more than the ordinary version), the width is only 1827mm (16mm more than the ordinary version), the height of the antenna is 1470mm, and the wheelbase is 2851mm (41mm more than the ordinary version).But the interior is a world apart.The appearance of the new car is still using the classic family modelling design, long car machine cover part of the rose, but they have raised many sharp lines, increased the new strong sense of muscle, the pig nose below the 10-day area is lesser, but enclosed the blackened plaque on collocation of periphery of silver trim package, class are still very good,Moreover, it is also connected with the large lamp set on both sides to increase the sense of the whole, and the LED matrix light source inside the lamp set is also very sharp, the lower part of the bumper is also a concave and convex shape and the decoration of the daytime walking lamp and the blackened air inlet, the sense of movement is as strong as ever.Body side is a classic design station wagon, the modelling of whole flat and low lie prone, body part and the uplift of the full waist line, is able to bear or endure look, and the rear part is the classical design, overall stocky and thick, on both sides of the rear lights inside red, white and clear, and echo of the modelling of the headlamps, light up after identification believe will be very good,Under the bumper there are large diameter bilateral single exhaust, highlighting the new car sporty feeling.The space in the car is very generous, the trunk space has a great advantage, and support 40:20:40 folding design, the back seat can reach 1510L, can be used as a double bed, family can cope with, in addition, the trunk is also standard with the bottom automatic stop sliding function.Power, a new car with an inline six cylinder gasoline engine, maximum power 374 horsepower, matching Mr Fu hand since 8 speed gearbox, power is very strong, and there are many new car modification kits to choose from, more in line with the current needs of young consumers shopping, this model is introduced here today,What do you think of this car? Please comment below. Thank you for your attention!