Only one night!TT announces new decision, Vogel speaks out, lebron James big news, Blazers good news

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Only one night!TT announces new decision, Vogel speaks out, lebron James big news, Blazers good news!In the Nuggets’ 117-116 win at golden State, Jokic was a blowout, scoring 35 points, 17 rebounds and eight assists on 13-of-24 shooting, including a game-winning assist in the closing minutes.It was jokic’s eighth straight game with at least 20 points, 10 rebounds and five assists, making him the first player since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (12 straight games) in 1972.And here’s something to watch for: Just one night!TT announces new decision, Vogel speaks out, lebron James big news, Blazers good news!According to Shams, Indiana Pacers coach Rick Carlisle said the team will cut center Tristan Thompson.TT Thompson was traded to indiana by Sacramento at the trade deadline, but the championship-winning center said he wouldn’t be a long-term player for the rebuilding Pacers and was eager to join a championship-winning team.With his impending axing, there has naturally been speculation about TT’s future.There has been speculation that the Lakers will be his next move.TT, however, doesn’t seem interested in joining the Lakers at all, because he wants to join a championship team and try to get his second championship ring.Now, TT has announced his latest decision about his future. After 48 hours of clarification, he will complete his contract with the Chicago Bulls and become a member of the team that can compete for a championship.The Bulls’ 15-man roster is already full, so they’ll need to cut one of their players to sign with TT.Vogel said there is concern about the lakers’ playoff prospects as Kobe Bryant was sidelined with a right ankle injury in a loss to the Utah Jazz.Even if they beat Utah despite an early injury, the lakers would still be ninth in the Western Conference, six games behind the sixth-place Denver nuggets, as they look to secure a top-six finish in the playoffs.”We’re six games out of sixth in the West, which is a lot,” Lakers coach Chuck Vogel said.Can we catch up?I don’t know.”From vogel’s words we can obviously feel, even he did not know the future of the team where, also did not have much confidence into the top six, in short is a confused!If the Lakers don’t make the playoffs, it will be a joke around the league.Born in 1984, lebron James will be 38 years old this year, but after 19 years at the top of his game, he still has an unparalleled popularity and commercial influence in the league.Just now, James has topped the list of player jerseys sold!Lids has released a list of NBA jerseys sold in all 50 states.In terms of team jersey sales, the Lakers lead in 30 states, despite their poor record, compared to the second-place Bulls in seven states, giving them a sense of dominance.When it comes to player jerseys, lebron James also leads in sales in 30 states.In second place was Michael Jordan jerseys, which led sales in three states.So even though James is almost 38 years old, his business influence is still unrivaled in the league.Congratulations to Lebron James for leading player jersey sales.After a series of big trades at the trade deadline, the Blazers, who started the rebuilding process from scratch, have won four straight games.It gives them hope for a playoff run this season.Of course, it also makes the rebuilding of their team more promising!Not only that, but the Blazers now have the good news that their out-of-contract starting center Jusuf Nurkic will re-sign with the team.Nurkic, who signed a four-year, $48 million extension with the Blazers in the summer of 2018, will be an unrestricted free agent when his contract expires this summer and can sign with any team.But according to Michael Scotto, Nurkic and the Blazers are mutually interested in reaching an extension after the season.That means nurkic will stay this offseason is a foregone conclusion.It’s a tribute to the Blazers, who are a rebuilding team, but nurkic’s willingness to stick with them through thick and thin is rare.