Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman: The request for the U.S. Deputy ambassador to Russia to leave the country is a reciprocal response

2022-04-23 0 By

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Monday commented on the us deputy Ambassador to Russia Gorman was asked to leave the country, saying that the move was not a deliberate escalation by Russia.Ms Zakharova said Mr Gorman had indeed been asked to leave Russia, but strictly in response to the unjustified expulsion of a minister counsellor from the Russian embassy in Washington.In addition, the STATE Department ignored Russian appeals to extend its stay at least until a “replacement” arrived and was forced to leave the COUNTRY without a replacement, exacerbating the already severe shortage of staff at the Russian diplomatic mission in the US as a result of the US “visa war”.Zakharova pointed out that it was the United States that initiated the expulsions last September, asking 55 Russian diplomats and administrative and technical staff in the United States to leave the country in two batches on January 30 and June 30.All Russian attempts to solve the problem through a mutual “freeze” of deportations have been rejected.In addition, the State Department imposed the de facto sanctions on Russia’s diplomatic counsellors in the United States, “even though they are well aware of the reciprocal response to Gorman that will follow.”Zakharova reiterated that mass expulsions of diplomats and a growing “visa war” were not an option.The Russian side has repeatedly proposed to the US at different levels to stop the conditions that deteriorate the operation of the diplomatic missions of the two countries and to lift all the restrictive measures introduced in recent years.”Unfortunately, in the understanding of the US government, normalization of bilateral relations is a one-way street where only US interests are safeguarded and everything else can be ignored.Of course, we do not intend to tolerate such discriminatory practices.”Us Deputy Ambassador to Russia Gorman has been expelled from Russia, a spokesman for the US Embassy in Russia confirmed to the media early Monday.As a senior career diplomat, Gorman was responsible for “key aspects of U.S. -Russian relations.”The US Embassy said the expulsion was unjustified.The US side believes that Russia’s move is putting pressure on the US and is studying possible response measures.In April last year, the US announced large-scale sanctions against Russia and the expulsion of Russian diplomats for alleged “cyber attacks and election meddling”.Russia then took countermeasures, putting it on a list of unfriendly countries and banning the US embassy from hiring local staff.(ly source: