Three yuan can make a plate, crisp outside tender inside, sweet and sour juicy, children rush to eat

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Tofu, high in protein and low in fat, rich in nutrition, with a long history, is our country’s unique food.The reason why it can be passed down to today is that in addition to its high edible value, its user-friendly price is also a positive promotion, two yuan to buy a piece of food can make a dish, affordable and delicious.In my family, we buy tofu almost twice a week. We never get tired of eating it in different ways.But some homely stewed bean curd, fried bean curd, more spicy presentation, children can not eat.Today, I recommend a piece of sour and sweet fried tofu, crisp outside and tender inside, sour and sweet, especially appetizing, even children who do not love tofu will grab to eat.Tofu sauce, 3 yuan can make a plate, affordable and delicious.Spring is coming soon, daily diet for children to supplement protein and calcium, tofu is a very high quality food material, must not be ignored.Savory fried tofu tofu, starch, salt, light soy sauce, white vinegar, tomato sauce, sugar 1, old tofu one piece, cut into thick slices, or cut into small cubes.2. Coat the tofu with cornstarch.What you want to do here is shake off the excess starch from the tofu, just leave it in a thin layer, otherwise the starch will fall into the pan when you cook the tofu.3. Heat up a wok with a little oil, add the starch-coated tofu, fry over medium heat until golden brown on both sides and crispy on the skin. Set aside.4, prepare a small bowl, add a little salt, half teaspoon of white sugar, 1 tablespoon of light soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, 3 tablespoons of tomato paste, 1 tablespoon of starch, 100 ml water stir well.This sauce can be prepared using the time it takes to fry the tofu, so that the skin of the fried tofu does not become soft.5, pour the sauce into the pot, stir over high heat and bring to a boil.6. When the sauce thickens, pour in the tofu and stir quickly to coat the tofu. Remove from the heat and serve.7. Transfer to a plate, garnish with some scallions, and the tofu is done.When eaten hot, crispy outside and tender inside, sweet and sour and juicy, especially appetizing, adults and children like.Tip 1: The best way to make this dish is to use seasoned tofu, which is not easy to break when frying. Tofu has a stronger flavor and higher nutrient density.2, the surface of tofu coated with a layer of starch and then fried, can have the effect of crisp outside and tender inside.Eat it hot, it tastes better.3, fried tofu should be wrapped in sauce as soon as possible, do not put for a long time, soft taste will be poor.So the sauce should be prepared before the tofu is cooked.Hello, everyone! I’m Fan Fan!Like kitchen, like cooking, using three meals a day to record the ordinary life.There are no special circumstances, it will be updated every day, thank you for your attention and likes, wish you and your family a happy life!