Chuxiong state biological medicine and big health industry development symposium emphasized

2022-04-24 0 By

On the evening of February 11, Zhang Wenwang, deputy secretary of state Party Committee and governor of the 12th people’s Government of Chuxiong Prefecture, attended the symposium on the development of chuxiong’s biomedicine and big health industry and had a discussion and exchange with the representatives of entrepreneurs.He stressed that chuxiong should adhere to mutual benefit and win-win, integrate resource advantages, gather development force, strengthen the promotion of special teams, seek industries, develop entities, grasp integration, promote leap-forward, and make chuxiong an influential “Yunnan Medicine valley”.Leaders of Yunnan Moergrange Biotechnology Development Co., LTD., Yunnan Jinqi Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Hechuang Pharmaceutical co., LTD., Tianli Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Sunway Shiprui Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Ruiyao Jinfang Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine, Longfa Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Rong Kang Kangyang Group and other enterprises attended the discussion.At the meeting, the entrepreneurs exchanged views on business environment, technology research and development, drug distribution and other aspects, and put forward some constructive suggestions.Zhang Wenwang listened while taking notes, and discussed with entrepreneurs from time to time to relieve difficulties for enterprises on the spot.Zhang Wenwang pointed out that biomedicine and big health industry is a strategic emerging industry, an important starting point for chuxiong to practice the “Two mountains” theory, and an important industry to support chuxiong’s high-quality leap-forward development.Chuxiong Prefecture boasts remarkable biodiversity, rich resources of Traditional Chinese medicine, profound history and culture of Yi medicine, continuous development and expansion of pharmaceutical enterprises, continuous improvement of scientific and technological support capacity, and a good foundation and great potential for industrial development.Policy of the departments concerned at various levels shall seize the opportunities, learning policy, research policy, integration, using policy, cultivating attract influential and innovative enterprise be born chuxiong, hand in hand with want to forget, for great enterprise, support enterprises to build the base, build parks, to build market, jianping platform, build channels, strengthen the state biological pharmaceutical and health industry.Zhang wenwang called for the timely launch of the three-year action plan for the development of the big health industry, the acceleration of the construction of the national first-class TCM formula granules, TCM decoction pieces, generic drugs, and Chinese-Yi pharmaceutical industry base, and the “medical plus” and “health plus” major articles.To continuously optimize business environment, adhere to the “government around enterprises, enterprises have something immediately”, attention, care and support entrepreneurs, we regularly organize training courses and seminars, face-to-face service enterprise, real change style, corners communicate fully, to listen to your enterprise, as always, to provide quality services for the enterprise,We will promptly study and solve problems encountered in the establishment and development of enterprises, and promote the development of more excellent enterprises.State twelve people’s government team members to attend the discussion.