Handan traffic police detachment severely crack down on drunk driving traffic violations

2022-04-24 0 By

In order to maintain the situation of strict control of illegal and criminal behaviors of drunk driving, and further consolidate and strengthen the safety awareness of “no drinking while driving, no drinking while driving”, Handan Traffic Police Detachment actively carried out comprehensive treatment action of traffic illegal behaviors of drunk driving.In the handan city traffic patrol detachment adjust service way, maximize the police, the police car to against drunk driving drunk driving illegal crime, accidents and dinner party, the key area of focus tilt drive travel, improve pavement see alarm rate and charge rate, give full play to the functions of law enforcement team, take mistake service, relay control, random sampling, accurate intercept,Improve the road warning rate and inspection frequency.Set up duty inspection stations at the entrance of the village and market to investigate and discourage illegal and criminal behaviors of drunk driving in time.All law enforcement stations serving the Spring Festival travel rush have been activated to carry out intensive inspections on “Fridays” and weekends. Fixed-point law enforcement has been combined with mobile law enforcement. Centralized inspections have been carried out frequently, and cross-inspections by cross-regional police have been actively organized to maintain high pressure in the rectification work.From January 17, 2022 (the start date of Spring Festival Travel rush) to February 11, 2022, the detachment detected more than 320 cases of drunk driving (the total number of main urban areas and counties and urban areas), 5 cases of illegal passengers in trucks, more than 700 cases of overloading trucks, and more than 220 cases of speeding.// Editor: Li Miao Editor: Gao Kun