Modern Agriculture plays a leading role in Rural Revitalization

2022-04-24 0 By

Gaotai County continues to optimize the planting structure, accelerate the development of modern and efficient characteristic industries, agricultural output efficiency and the pace of farmers’ income increase have been comprehensively improved, modern agriculture plays a leading role in rural revitalization.Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, Camel town alkali quanzi village villagers Lv Zhihong busier than ever, every day he came early to the greenhouse to pollinate ginseng fruit.Seedling leaves below, a bright color of ginseng fruit has hung on the branches.Ginseng fruit due to fresh and juicy flesh, abdominal seedless, unique flavor, with high protein, low fat, low sugar and other characteristics, loved by consumers.Last year, the village actively strive for projects, land transfer, reconstruction of 30 idle solar greenhouse, in accordance with the “collective transfer + unified transformation + household contracting” model, contract to 10 farmers planting ginseng fruit, and signed a sales contract in advance, to solve the farmers’ worries.Camel town alkali quanzi village villagers Lv Zhihong: “ginseng fruit growth is good, specialized management of technical personnel guidance, the price is unified village signed the contract, 4 yuan per kilogram, mid-March may be ripe on the market.”Zhang Yongai, a big planter in the town of new Ba, was also busy these two days. He hired workers and bought machines to seed seedlings in the greenhouse.This year, he plans to plant 500 mu of dehydrated chilis in Camel town. He has rented a greenhouse in Xinmin village in advance to start growing the chilis, and plans to move to open field in April.Zhang Yongai, a big planter in xinba Town, said, “We need about 2.5 million pepper seedlings for seedling cultivation. Dehydrated pepper is an order signed by Jinkang Company in Gaotai County with us. An acre of land is about 6,000 yuan.”Gaotai County continues to consolidate the agricultural foundation, optimize the industrial structure, continue to take the development of industry as an important starting point for rural revitalization, accelerate the construction of the whole industrial chain of modern agriculture, continue to cultivate and strengthen the characteristic leading industry.In 2021, the added value of the primary industry will increase by 8.57% year-on-year, 2.97 percentage points higher than the plan. Nine planting bases of more than 5,000 mu will be built to supply vegetables to Hong Kong, facility watermelon and high-quality pepper, which will drive the development of 170,000 mu of vegetables and 164,000 mu of seed production, and 26 large-scale breeding areas such as beef cattle and pigs will be renovated and expanded.Qilian Legend wine, Kangcui vegetables and other 8 products were selected as the “sweet taste” brand, and were awarded as the first demonstration county in China to basically realize the full mechanization of main crop production.(Reporter: Zhang Huzhong)