They are the period of the Republic of China’s love between teachers and students, accidental pregnancy is found to be twins, daughter household name

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Now we often mention a word, open.Why does it exist?Before it is because we are too conservative, as life better, rapid economic development, we ushered in a open society, love also great changes have taken place, the relationship between men and women are not afraid, but during the period of the republic of China of love, but not so obvious, in the era of the connecting rod blush, breaking the taboo of love will come back to throw a lot of doubt,That is, there are still a lot of love between teachers and students in the Republic of China. After all, the love affair will not be completely imprisoned because of the change of The Times.During the Period of the Republic of China, it was not easy to learn knowledge. If you could afford private education, it must be a big family. The daughter of yuan Liheng, a famous economist, grew up in such an environment.As an economist at that time, she naturally had a lot of wealth. As soon as her daughter was born, she was given a very artistic name, Yuan Xingshu.In the book world parents, since childhood began to contact higher education, on the natural is the best school, even so father Yuan Liheng is not satisfied, that her daughter in spare time, should also continue to learn knowledge to enrich themselves, so find a private teacher Chen Zhiping no older than how many years old.What is the attraction of a man?Someone may think looks or height, in fact, a person from the inside out release self-restraint and erudite knowledge, is the best charm, was at least 20 Chen Zhiping, as a little achievements in history and literature, let Yuan Xingshu obsession is very normal things, two people discuss literature knowledge every day, and looks is not poor,Once in a while went to see each other, but this love did not have how strong and unscrupulous, because there is still a relationship cut off, that is life experience.Yuan Liheng was not only the scholarly family, and the pioneers of modern bank of China this identity has let he accumulated millions of wealth and status, Chen Zhiping even more severe, is a teacher, home inside very mediocre, during the period of the republic of China is suitable, two people not in a level, while Chen Zhiping want to give up,Yuan xingshu has been begging his parents, and they finally agreed to the marriage.Before long, the Yuan Xingshu is pregnant, she was very young at that time, didn’t even graduate, nature does not intend to have children, but was told is the twins went to the hospital, want to think twice, both parents also beaming to hear that want the children to stay, you can finally two people also have no abortion, indeed as expected soon gave birth to a man and a woman,To have a good meaning, the boys were named Qilin and the girls Phoenix, respectively Chen Zhe and Chen Yu.As the two children grow up, the daughter reveals her parents’ genetic advantages, not only in beauty but also in literature.Coincidentally, Chen Yu also fell in love with her teacher when she was in middle school, but this love was not successful, and Chen Yu could not forget it until many years later. In order to commemorate this love, Chen Yu wrote the novel “Out of the Window”, which became popular all over the country.With this foundation, Chen began to specialize in literature, creating numerous classic novels that were later adapted into TV series and movies, and she chose the pen name qiong Yao.