Beijing Film Academy second test, adjustment, exceptional admission comprehensive analysis of the second test process and senior explanation

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As the leading institution for the postgraduate entrance examination of Beijing Film Academy, Caisi Education has always had a unique understanding of Beijing Film Academy since it started the training of Beijing Film Academy.Second interview process ④ Second interview Notice The second interview notice of Nortel is actually the official announcement of the school line and the line of each college, as well as this year’s second interview arrangement and the second interview list.⑤ Selecting tutors For the second interview is done on the official website of nortel. If you enter the second interview, you can log in to the background of Nortel by using your examinee number and ID number. The name list of tutors for your major will automatically appear in the background.Note: these three mentors are not parallel volunteers.Basically, your first choice will look at you, not the rest.Some colleges have no tutors to choose from (such as The China Academy of Film Scriptwriters), so you can just enter the system and have a look.Attention!!Tutors are not allowed to participate in the second interview if they have no choice