Do you know all these delicious foods?Love live warm heart spring

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The year of the Tiger is coming. Do you know all the delicacies with “tiger” in their names?There are golden and crisp tiger feet, crispy and soft tiger skin chicken feet, sour and sweet stuffed with sauce of eggplant quail eggs, warm stomach and warm heart of the family photo (tiger) casserole…Tiger year food small tiger contract!Tiger’s Paw “Tiger’s paw”, a sweet pastry shaped like a tiger’s paw, used to be a daily snack for Shanghai residents, but these days the traditional snack is rare.Golden crispy noodles, the entrance of burnt incense overflow, sugar packets also add a sweet mouth.In the year of the Tiger, chicken feet are given a different twist. Fried chicken feet have a crispy, wrinkled skin and thick, sticky PAWS.When you put it in your mouth and sip it, the soft flesh will immediately take off the bones. It is the best snack for the year of the Tiger.Cook the quail eggs in boiling water until done. Remove and soak in cold water. Peel the shells.Fry in oil until skin is crisp and brown, remove and drain.Heat a wok with a little oil, add tomato sauce, salt, sugar and vinegar, and fry with a little water until thick.Add the fried quail eggs and saute until the tomato sauce coats them. Enjoy this sweet and sour dish for all ages.Family photo casserole, egg dumplings, yellow sprouts, bacon, shrimp…Rich ingredients, steaming hot, fresh soup dishes beautiful.In the Spring Festival such a family reunion day, hot family casserole, warm stomach and warm heart.Steamed tiger spot tiger spot is a kind of grouper, thicker skin, plump head, meaty crisp.The steamed tiger spots are covered with the sauce to retain the original flavor of the fish, which is delicious and not greasy.Braised pork with tiger skin is a dish with streaky pork as the main ingredient.Pork streaky pork is fried until the skin is frothy and wrinkled, then sliced and steamed.The kourou with thin and fat waxy but not fat, thin but not wood, the entrance is melting, the tongue is fragrant.The meat is tender and delicious. It is spicy and spicy when stir-fried with chili peppers!Goby shell is hard, in the eating hand hold the head of the shrimp, one hand hold the tail of the shrimp, and then break off the shrimp shell, and then hold the two ends of a pull, the fat shrimp will shell!Tiger skin cake tiger skin cake is a kind of Chiffon cake, the outside of a thin layer of baking treatment to form a slightly coking water wave pattern, is not like tiger skin?Creamy, soft, sweet and creamy, the cake is a perfect choice for all ages.The tofu is cut and fried until golden brown on both sides, with the skin slightly bulging into tiger stripes. The brown color is very similar to tiger skin, bright and inviting.With a few pieces of vegetables fried, can be out of the pot to enjoy, simple and quick.Do you know any other dishes with the Chinese character “Tiger”? Please share them in the comments section.Xujiahui Sports Park comprehensive pavilion “Wantihui” unveiled the mystery!| love “warm heart spring jing is colourful!This place xuhui CCTV Spring Festival Gala!| love “live warm heart spring the warm holiday wishes!!What do they have to say?| love “PLAZA atmosphere warm heart spring AI group activities in place!Let you put the icing on Spring Festival of the year of the tiger ~ | love “live warm heart spring is each wallpaper!The lunar New Year customs online love “theme exhibition not to be missed – | live warm heart comprehensive since the spring, folk custom shows: Shanghai publishing editor: Chen proper proofreading: Chen should be reproduced please indicate from the Shanghai xuhui official account