Guangdong Heyuan Bavarian manor magnification recruit, double digit live luxurious room, net friend: the key is cheap

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There is such a charming town in Heyuan, Guangdong province.Colored windmills seem to be in foreign countries.The castle and walls set against the lake like a fairytale kingdom.This is the Bavarian manor at Riverhead.The most high-end enjoyment, the most healthy Chinese medicine hot spring.Come to Bavaria at the head of the river.In addition, forest coverage is 71.2 percent, and oxygen levels have exploded.You can play all year round.The world can also operate hot springs in summer.There are beautiful and colorful Dutch windmill houses.Hide in the “Fairy Tale Kingdom” of Heyuan, stay in Heyuan · Bavaria Lanto Hotel, stay in one room and one room or deluxe standard room “link” castle theme building, amusement park full of children’s fun.It’s also a fairy-tale wonderland..It only takes 2 hours to drive from Guangfuqing.Take the kids to Bavaria and have fun.You can also experience that living here is filled with this little warm feeling.Create a relaxing and comfortable sleeping environment for you.The spa is located at the head of the river in Bavarian manor.Located in the Dongjiang geological fault zone, rich geothermal resources;The average daily water output of Naboo is 2500 tons, and the water temperature is 60℃-70℃.62 hot spring pool, with Traditional Chinese medicine as the prescription, hot spring as the agent, 62 hot spring pool according to the layout of the five elements theory of fire, wood, water, earth, supplemented by physical theory planning medicine bath, 62 hot spring pool is our pursuit of health details.To meet all kinds of recuperation, relaxation, beauty, beauty needs.It is a complete spa area with free equipment.Heated and lighted swimming pool, fitness center entertainment area and steam and drying room.Equipped with commercial chess and card room and private cinema.Coupled cinema, multi-functional oxygen bar leisure area, etc.Bavarian manor: The best state of life is abundant silence.Start by finding the Wizard of Oz!Looking for a better self in the quiet nature, looking for understanding in the green mountains and clear waters.There are colorful buildings, as if in a foreign country;Castles and enclosed houses set against the lake like a magical fairytale kingdom.There are beautiful and colorful Dutch windmill houses.Gehrmann Castle theme building full of children’s fun museum park here is also a fairy tale wonderland.Fuyuan Temple is the world’s first Hakka-style temple. Many tourists go to the temple to pray.Wishing you health, peace and happiness in the coming year.21000m2 Super parent-child amusement park turn, jump and close your eyes.No matter big friends or little friends.You can find your own way in Black Forest.Have a good time!Play roller coaster in the forest when you climb very high, you can feel the excitement of the wind and the shaking.There is a beautiful view at the foot of the Varian Estate.It is the holy place for countless tourists and network celebrities to take photos and punch cards!For a great value 2-day tour, click the “link” below