How to choose TV in 2022

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In recent years in the field of science and technology shine, innovation of display technology, has become the focus of attention, 2022 is definitely another important node of display technology.It is also the first shot in the company’s preparations for 2022.Of course, there is also hidden inside the key mystery of next year’s purchase.LED by Samsung, Korean manufacturers are committed to the research and development of small and Micro spacing display technology. In 2021, Neo QLED and Micro LED products have achieved remarkable results.Japan is dominated by SONY, OLED and display chip is the focus of the direction.SONY’s key product at CES 2022 is a new QD OLED, which combines quantum dots with organic light-emitting diodes (OLeds).The Chinese market is blossoming in the form of a hundred flowers. TCL continues to research and develop quantum dot technology, Hisense focuses on Mini LED and laser display technology, and Skyworth is the representative manufacturer of OLED technology. New OLED technology products are bound to appear this year.At the same time, compared with the previous trend of increasing the size of TV, the size of TV products this year has appeared a rare retraction phenomenon, smaller size at the same time with high performance parameters of TV products are also emerging, which is the reason for TV in the game ability of special development.By the end of 2020, the XBOX and SONY PS5 will ship with 4K120Hz gaming capabilities, and Nvidia’s RTX30 series and AMD6000 series of graphics cards will support HDMI 2.1 ports.At the same time, it also spawned a new TV category that can match their performance and appeared in the market. With the popularity of LOW-COST 4K games, the importance of display terminals is naturally self-evident.Today, the game industry is becoming increasingly popular, and the demand of players for games is gradually rising, an excellent game not only needs an amazing story, three-dimensional character shaping, exquisite and exquisite, such as the scene of sound and painting experience is also essential, which also poses a high challenge to display equipment.It is no exaggeration to say that game TV is one of the most important market segments of TV category in the next two years, and also an important growth point of TV products. TVS with game expertise will undoubtedly be more popular and become the focus dimension of high-end consumer groups to buy products.New technology, new product: TV shopping in 2022: Wait, or buy the old model?In science and technology product “buy new don’t buy the old” under the influence of thinking, many people choose the new such as cash, but “and so on not losing” this sentence is also need depending on the product line, for mobile phones, video card, notebook, performance directly affect the use of experience, as long as you want to wait long, the next never better, and for TV, may really not the case.But if you’re a heavy gamer and you need more features that really improve the quality of the picture, that will push your needs up to the technical level, then the new flagship may be a better product for you, but of course they’ll be more expensive.With a stable and favorable price, is a new technology of choose and buy more excellent, and last year’s economical type of choose and buy, it depends on our hands, in the latest generation host (PS5 and XSX) and 2.1 HDMI interface parameters are determined, as long as the TV can feed interface and console, it can meet the needs of the next five to seven years I,Buying an old model at this time will be more cost-effective than a new one that has just hit the market.With the latest next-gen consoles (PS5 and XSX) and HDMI 2.1 ports in place, as long as I get a TV that can feed the ports and the console, it’s going to satisfy my needs for the next 5-7 years, and it’s definitely going to be cheaper to buy the old model than the new one that just came out.