Is Russia serious this time?In the face of western threats, Russia may be ready to play up its game

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America and NATO are pressing Russia hard. In the face of western threats, is Russia serious this time?The information leaked by Russian experts is very informative.These days, the United States in order to maintain their interests in the world, have been crackdown on the development of the two countries and interference, biden government citing “bring threat to the us, has laid out all kinds of despicable means to attempt to curb forward in the footsteps of the two countries, but is afraid of the strength of the two countries will surpass the United States,A threat to their global hegemony abuse.Recently, the conflict between NATO and Russia, which has been widely concerned by the media from all circles, is actually a ploy of the United States. In order to contain the development of Russia, the United States imposed pressure on Russia by dominating the eastward expansion of NATO, but this is a pure provocation to Russia and a threat to its own sovereignty and territory.So conflict again and again to heat up, almost close to the edge of the war, but it can see Russia has experienced the damage of world war ii, so don’t want to solve the problem in the form of war, so in this conflict is seeking talks with the United States and NATO for many times, but who know NATO, Russia and the United States had no wish to intention to peace talks, both sides talks in,The United States and NATO decisively rejected Russia’s demands, and the negotiations collapsed.In the face of these western powers’ provocations, Russia seems to have completely changed its attitude in recent days and is ready to give up the talks for real.According to news reports, a Russian military analysts, Stan ding schiff, he revealed that now between Russia and the us-led NATO security talks without any results, so NATO must be ready to cope with various threats, it is well known that Russia can produce threat to the United States and NATO Russia’s national defense strength is one of the important reason why,Therefore, Russia should strengthen its development in this field, and the receiving of S-500 and S-550 air defense missiles, the batch receiving of T-14 armata series of tanks, and the batch receiving of Su-57 and hypersonic missile systems are important weapons for Russia.The quantified production of these big weapons would give Russia the ability to put pressure on the US and NATO.The analysis thinks, the analysis of the Russian experts actually contains very informative, but the main thing is that Russia’s attitude has changed, they are seeking talks with the United States, but that doesn’t talk properly, that is, and the military experts say can say Russia may have been prepared to enlarge recruit.In short, we hope that western countries, led by the United States, can see the situation clearly. Russia’s nuclear weapons are also enough to scare the rest of the world, so it will not benefit the United States to annoy Russia.(Mathenmoon)