Liaocheng Donga County first middle school held a new semester work promotion meeting

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Dazhong · Poster news reporter Liao Wei Correspondent Wang Runchao liaocheng reported the rebirth of the year, vientiane began to update.In the morning of February 16, liaocheng Donga County first middle school staff in the beautiful lecture hall held a new semester work promotion meeting, review and summarize the work of the last semester, arrangement and deployment of the new semester work.The meeting was presided over by Wang Xianyong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the university.Wang Xianyong first speeches, he reiterated the company one “the party brought their culture hing school, scientific research, and lawful” four major strategies, reviewed the party construction of “three cows pioneer in the one” brand creation, to build the party to promote group leading the party construction of proud achievement, encourage all a go-between “party building leads to promote education and teaching for pioneer”,We will make party building work practical and take the lead.Mr. Ma Li, assistant principal, delivered a speech on the theme of “Hand in hand, together for the future”.He reviewed since the new school to move form a complete set of hardware, team building, dormitory management, food security and epidemic prevention and control work, the dormitory administrator, security, logistics, church and state, infrastructure, and epidemic prevention, propaganda, information such as team want to thank you for hard work, is them with love and responsibility, dedication, and bear build the walls of defense, the escort for the teachers and students of a better life.Its sharing from the heart, such as sobbing, moving, moving.The principal assistant Zhou Shengqi introduced the outstanding work done by the student Development Center in the aspects of student career planning, voluntary application and comprehensive evaluation.This paper introduces the efforts made by “Rose” psychological counseling center in psychological counseling between teachers and students and communication between home and school.All the teachers and students are fascinated by the advanced library and science museum that will soon be put into use.Assistant principal Yang Cunyu “spring, summer, autumn and winter, all the better to review summarizes the research, propaganda, such as team work during the year, from” a project blueprint “to” one core and beautiful “, from “a recognition barometer” to “a book to see growth”, the perfect interpretation of a go-between for one year from sowing to harvesting, decimating everyone struggle all the way.Yang Cunyu also deployed the next semester of teaching research, subject research, cultural construction, publicity four aspects of work, for the new semester, a new starting point, to create a new situation pointed out the direction.Vice president Liu Jingwen reported the teaching summary and plan to the conference on the topic of “the sea to the boundless sky as the shore, I am the peak of the mountain”.On the basis of the great success of the college entrance examination for Grade 58 in 2021, he affirmed the progress made in the final examination for Grades 59, 60 and 61 last semester and encouraged them to work hard and make new achievements in the new semester.He shared the wonderful plans of the three grades and gave four wonderful suggestions of “system consciousness”, “responsibility consciousness”, “role return consciousness” and “opportunity consciousness”, which made the participants highly motivated and more powerful.School party secretary, president Han Feng made the final summary speech.He with destiny “” direction decided to roads, road, lead you torture yourself” I am now doing what “” why did I do that” “what is my future goals”, “me and my future how much distance” is “how can I achieve my goal, out of my own road”, combined with Olympic champion GuAiLing, Su Yi experiences growing up,Encourage everyone to strengthen the drive, cultivate growth thinking, exercise the ability of independent thinking, only to meet a better yourself.Han Feng reiterated the concept of “safety first, beauty first, teachers first, quality is king”, defined the direction of “four birth, five education, comprehensive development, everyone is important”, and encouraged all teachers to become devotees of love, professional leaders, igniting awakening, relationship builders.Finally, I led all the staff to study the “Evaluation Indicators of The Quality of Running Ordinary High Schools” issued by the Ministry of Education, in order to clarify the direction of running schools, standardize curriculum teaching, lead teachers’ development, strengthen school management, help students’ development, and add wings to the revival of no. 1 Middle School.The new semester will be held to promote the work, unified the thought, clear goal, broaden the field of vision, indicated the direction.Looking back on the past, one is full of pride, looking forward to the future, one is full of confidence.Donga County No. 1 Middle School will work hand in hand to the future, polish the bright name card of “Beautiful No. 1 Middle School” with diligence and wisdom, and make contributions to the development of Education in Donga County.Audited by: Li Zhaohui