Mistaking sugar for salt and drinking half raw salty coffee

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On Monday, a beautiful girl walked into the sales department and attracted the attention of all the staff.She walked into Qiu Linfeng’s office. In a short time, Manager Qiu sent her out and accompanied her to the special desk for her.Qiu Linfeng gallantly and the girl said a lot of words, even for the girl’s seat to wipe the dust, and then trembling into the office.Wang Ziming had recognized the tao rainforest, but did not dare to say hello, Tao Rainforest generous came to Wang Ziming’s desk, say hello to him, Wang Ziming should smile and make male colleagues envy.One day, Wang Ziming and Zhang Yusen ready to leave the company, Tao Rain forest came together and said: “Wang Ziming, let’s go to have a cup of coffee?”Wang Ziming some difficult, Zhang Yusen wisdom of Wang Ziming said: “Son Ming, today you don’t go to see the customer, I a person fix no problem, you accompany miss Tao.”He patted Wang on the shoulder and walked out with a smile.Walking in the street, Wang Ziming some nervous, afraid to meet colleagues, more afraid to meet Tao Haiping.Tao rainforest seems to see his mind, said: “Wang Ziming, why do you walk so fast, are you afraid of meeting colleagues?””No, my legs are too long for me.”Wang Ziming said in a panic.”It doesn’t matter, you don’t regard me as the daughter of sharp bright boss, I am your colleague now, say again, my father is very open, never ask me about my private life, I study abroad for three years, he only send money to me, also don’t ask me about my life, after all we have grown up.”Tao rain forest to see Wang Ziming’s embarrassment laughed.”Yes, yes.”Wang Ziming silly leng nod, and got a laugh tao rain forest.Came to a coffee shop, coffee shop layout is very elegant, very European style, Tao rain forest quietly listening to music, taste coffee carefully, Wang Ziming just drink coffee.Suddenly, tao rainforest said: “is Mozart’s music?”.”Well, it’s Jupiter by Mozart.”Wang Ziming said.”You like Mozart, too.””Mozart’s music, give a person in slow in a kind of quiet, in a hurry in a kind of shock, like a bay crescent rising slowly, like a carriage speeding.”Wang Zi Ming nodded and said.”It’s beautiful.”Tao rainforest is also very feeling.Tao rainforest added some sugar to the coffee and drank it slowly. Wang Ziming asked: “Miss Tao, have you heard the story of drinking salty coffee?”Tao rainforest shook his head.”The story goes that a boy and a girl were on their first date. The boy put salt in his coffee. He tasted it carefully.The boy said that he grew up in a seaside, when he was a child, he often came to the seaside, playing with seabirds, accompanied by the sea water.When I was sleepy, I used to lie on the beach, the sea water caressing my body, my face, into my mouth, salty, cool, refreshing.From then on, I fell in love with the taste of sea water, and salty coffee is like the taste of sea water.The girl was attracted by the boy, they often met in the cafe, every time the girl put salt in the boy’s coffee, the boy always drank it slowly.Eventually, the boy and the girl got married. At home, the girl still made salty coffee for the boy every day.Years passed and the boy said to the girl on his deathbed, ‘Could you put some sugar in your coffee? I really want sweet coffee.The girl was surprised to learn that the boy didn’t like salty coffee. He was so nervous about his first date with a girl that he put salt instead of sugar, so he had been drinking salty coffee for 60 years.”Wang Ziming finished the story, Tao rain forest moved to say: “good beauty.”Wang added some salt to his coffee and drank it slowly.”Wang Ziming, can you drink coffee for a girl for 60 years?”Tao rainforest asked.”Yes.”Wang Ziming said after a silence.”Then the girl must be very happy.”Tao rainforest said.Beautiful music, wonderful coffee, romantic atmosphere, two people seem to forget to talk, quietly savoring this kind of mood.Wang Ziming suddenly thought of the shade, thought of the story told by His aunt Qiu, and frowned.Tao rainforest asked: “Wang Ziming, do you have a girlfriend?”.”Why?I don t know if I am a girlfriend, but I can only say that I have no destiny in this life.Wang Ziming some disconsolate ground to say, tao rain forest looked down to drink coffee Wang Ziming.”What about you?”Wang Ziming asked.”Almost a carriage, but still haven’t found their own fit.”Tao rainforest clutching a spoon said.”Miss Tao, don’t be so picky. No one in the world is perfect.”Wang Ziming said.”Can you?”Tao rain forest said, Wang Ziming was stunned, DO not know how to respond, Tao rain forest smiled and said: “fool, cheat you, you are so silly, who dare to you.”They both laughed.Since offend Qiu Linfeng, Wang Ziming’s life is not easy, every day customers piled up.Wang works until 12 PM every day and can expect a scolding if something goes wrong.At one point, Wang wanted to leave the company, but he asked himself: How can he expect to make a difference if he can’t stand such a little hardship?In order to finish his work, he often eats bread at the writing desk.Zhang Yusen knew qiu Linfeng deliberately whole him, often to help him, but Qiu Linfeng to his customers increased, sometimes busy to 2 o ‘clock in the morning are not finished.Tao rain forest found Wang Ziming and Zhang Yusen eat and live in the office, thought the company encountered major problems, come and ask him: “Wang Ziming, encounter what problem, to be so hard?””Nothing, just some difficulties in processing customer information, but it doesn’t matter, fortunately for Rain.”Wang Ziming said.”Qiu Linfeng asked Wang Ziming to do a lot of clients. See there are so many more?It’s not worth looking at.”Zhang Yusen can’t bear to say.Tao rain forest see thick customer information, to find Qiu Linfeng theory, Wang Ziming stopped her, said: “don’t, Miss Tao, I can withstand, I don’t want people to think of me as an incompetent generation, have rain sen’s help, I have been very satisfied.”Say that finish, start work again.Tao rain forest did not go off work, also to help Wang Ziming work, Wang Ziming repeatedly discouraged, but tao rain forest robbed half of the customer to do.