“Senior said” Luo Yimin: face up to yourself, every step of the way to rely on their feet to measure

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Hello, everyone, I am Luo Yimin from Class 1 of Digital Media Application Technology, School of Intelligent Engineering, Grade 2019.During the period of school, I served as the vice president of the animation club and the chairman of the self-management committee of the college. Now I am in the internship period outside the school and will prepare for the examination to upgrade to a higher level next year.I would like to start by talking about my hobbies. As I mentioned in the previous interview of Starlight Project, I like the feeling of playing football freely. When I was in high school, I joined the school women’s football team, which relieved me of a lot of pressure and improved my ability of organization, coordination and teamwork.I like covers and planning, most covers are my favorite singers, cartoons, projects and so on.From the very beginning, I just love humming songs and participating in offline activities. Later, I experienced the guidance of specialized courses in school. On the one hand, I understood the basic knowledge of software, and on the other hand, I was determined to have a deeper understanding of it.I have also contributed a lot of cover works on B website, from personal cover songs to planning multi-group chorus. In the future, I also want to try to create multi-direction and multi-form video types, and I want to become an “all-in-one machine” that can plan and sing pv.I like crafting and painting, occasionally making collages or badges…Cough cough, a talk about this can not stop, but as the saying goes, skills do not pressure body!Before I begin to share my own story, I want to say this to the younger students: do not deny, to belittle yesterday’s self, face up to yourself, every step of the road should rely on their own feet to measure.In the end, bear the consequences are themselves, not others.High school three years I have served the monitor, in accordance with the words, now I was “other people’s children”, not “other people’s children”, the performance aspect to dine is very serious, how to learn is not into the brain, parents said they took me to go to the expensive coaching courses, I didn’t refute knows but to accept the course, the scores and rankings have obsession,But the mental pressure is more and more big, although the results have been promoted but also just pass the level, can not support the pressure OF MY choice to take the spring examination of the road “desperate”, the final result has made me “a precipice”.I asked myself again and again after the spring exam, had chosen to take such a road, is it really right?Now such a result, is really what oneself want?”Do you regret it?My high school teacher asked me many times when I transferred to the spring exam class in my senior year of high school. I felt that when I came back to myself, I had missed too many opportunities, and also realized my confusion and directionless sense of the future, as well as a deep sense of guilt.Just blindly to accept, in a sense of conscience unconsciously take the initiative to escape the status quo, parents also learned that such a result will be blamed on the fault of “busy school work, delay learning”, tears in my eyes kept spinning, but what words can not say.Also on that day, I really grew up, really to think about how to face up to their own future, how to do to be worthy of heart.Coming to Aurora is undoubtedly a great stroke in my life. Maybe different from most of my classmates, it is my own choice to major in digital media Application Technology.This is also a part of my interest, it involves a lot of professional computer software, dizzying.After entering here, I also set a long-term goal for myself, that is, to improve my undergraduate degree, while the short-term goal is to obtain relevant certificates and excellent results.In the school faculty at first league start hiring, still my heart has a vision of some timid, afraid to some repeat, but ultimately want to have a try, finally and successfully become a member of the propaganda department of the faculty the league, it is because of the love of their own professional and insisted that I took this step, find the appropriate own learning mode,In this way, I can quickly adapt to the new living and learning environment, and take into account my own work and study. I really become a model in the eyes of my classmates.Later in the study life, I not only speed up the pace to get the relevant certificates of professional skill, also won a multidisciplinary (painting, reading, electric business, website development, etc.) in the field, district and municipal honor, both groups and individuals, is inseparable from their own mentality adjustment and the school teachers and students of guidance and assistance.I won university-level Special Scholarship in my sophomore year and national Scholarship in my junior year. On May 17, 2021, I became a probationary member of the COMMUNIST Party of China.I firmly believe that practice is the truth of real knowledge, love as my source of motivation, to overcome many difficulties.I like this sentence very much, this sentence is for me, but also for you in front of the screen, do not use the present to frame their own tomorrow, most of the mistakes, because do not adhere to, do not work hard, do not retain, and then hypnotize yourself that everything is fate.If you do well in the present, you will not owe tomorrow and the future. Come on, Zhendans!Life is like an endless sea. Every Student has a different story behind your story. We want to know how you spend the sudden upturn of the waves and also want to see your real yearning for poetry and the distance after the wind and rain…At this moment please put those thoughts in your mind into words to share these words with you for the younger students to guide the way for their own retention of a memory contributed note: 1.Applicants: senior students of various colleges and universities or students who have graduated in Aurora;2. Content: Self-introduction;The reason for choosing Sinian or the story of Sinian;Learning experience or memorable events in Sinian;Inspiration or words to the younger students;Attached with the manuscript are clear life photos and pictures (at least 3) and contact information.The form is not limited, the words are not limited;3. Please send the manuscript in Word format to jh.qiu@aurora-edu.cn and name the subject as “Name-school/major-class” for submission | Review by Luo Yimin | no title