What exactly is JUPAS in Hong Kong?

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JUPAS stands for Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS).Often referred to as the joint university Admission method or joint admission, it is a key system of post secondary education in Hong Kong special Administrative Region of China.In line with the reform and innovation of The education system in Hong Kong, the first batch of students with Hong Kong secondary education qualifications will take the test results for the joint University Admission (JUPAS) starting from the 2011/12 academic year. Universities will replace the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE) and the Hong Kong Unified Secondary Education Examination (HKALE) as the new jupas standard in the 2013/14 academic year.The nine major public universities in Hong Kong are Metropolitan University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of High-tech, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Metropolis University, Hong Kong University of Culture and Education and Lingnan University of Guangdong.Let’s get to know some of them.The University of Hong Kong (The University of Hong Kong), commonly known as The “University of Hong Kong” (HKU), is a global public research University in Hong Kong, Asia, known as The “ivy”.The school motto is “Mingde Gewu”, which matches the Latin name Sapientia Et Virtus.The University of Hong Kong (HKU) was established on 16 March 1910 and announced its application for registration on 30 March the following year. Its original name was Hong Kong Private School of Medicine. It is the oldest higher vocational education organization in Hong Kong.In the early stage of its establishment, the University of Hong Kong operated on a small scale. From March 11, 1912, when the new term was announced, to December 1916, when the first graduation party was held, there were only 23 graduates.After April 9, 1948, colleges and universities stepped into the key stage of rapid development under the combination of discipline remodeling and structural transformation.In September 2021, the University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) will be established in collaboration with Shenzhen.The Chinese University of Hong Kong, commonly known as CUHK, is one of Asia’s top and internationally renowned public research comprehensive universities.In the humanities, mathematical thinking, electronic information science, economics and finance, medicine, laws and regulations, culture and media, physical geography and other fields, it is the only university in Hong Kong with Nobel Prize, Fields Prize, Turing Prize and Shannon Prize.Your university by “the integration of classical and modern, harmony between China and western countries” for the task, to the academy and seriously in the system, the feature and cultural diversity and 2 university alliance is the Pacific rim, global university alliance, loose union, our country university school party members, first the AACSB validation team members in Asia, Hong Kong Internet technology exchange core city.The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, commonly known as HKUST,It is a key member of Pacific Rim University Alliance, World University Leaders Community Forum, Asia-pacific Research University Association, Asian University Alliance and China University Leaders Association. It has been verified by AACSB and EQUIS, and is a top research university in Asia and internationally renowned.Your school is dominated by high and new technology and business management, and attaches equal importance to history and humanities, especially business and science and engineering.