Winter Olympics blowing ski wind, the doctor busy straight stomp feet: rookie ski resort, end point is often orthopedics

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Source:Zhejiang university courtyard GuAiLing become idol this several days, small make up the “Olympics” refresh friends frequently associated with the games are hot, and you a heart to fall in love with ice and snow sports, however, the professional sports medicine experts want to tell you a “cruel” at the beginning of the fact that many novice players on the ski slopes, the finish is often orthopaedics,Since the opening of major ski resorts, the orthopaedic Clinic of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University has received patients with skiing injuries almost every day, and even surgery is required for serious cases.Experts remind: exercise is a good thing, do not become “bone love broken”, must pay attention to safety!”I wanted to be romantic and post some beautiful photos on my moments, but I ended up in the operating room. I regret it!””Said Bingbing, 25 (not her real name) and Xiao Xue, 26 (not her real name).Bing Bing and Xiao Xue are college classmates with similar interests. They both work in Hangzhou and often go shopping and travel together.A week before the Spring Festival, they invited some friends to a ski resort in Zhejiang province.It was their first time to ski, so they bought new ski clothes, goggles and helmets to pose for photos.”We did a little exercise, didn’t hire a coach, changed into skiing tools, and went to the ski resort.”Ice ice said.At the beginning, we also carefully slowly skating, but gradually courage, found that skiing is not what difficult, let go of skiing, who knows, the accident happened.”I don’t know what happened, but I was going too fast and I was scared, so I tried to slow down a bit, turned a corner, twisted my knee, and I felt a sharp pain in my knee and fell.”Bing Bing said, because light snow behind her, saw her fall, light snow also a nervous, want to turn to the side, also fell.A friend rushed to check the injuries of the two people. A friend with some skiing experience saw the painful expressions of the two people and could not stand up, so he called the staff of the ski resort. After simple bandaging and fixation of the two people, he was rushed to the headquarters of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College.”Both had acute ligament injuries in one knee that were painful and swollen and prevented them from walking.One of them had a very severe tear of both the ACL and the MEDIAL collateral ligament. There are three levels of ligament damage, and I and II can be considered for conservative treatment. They both had a level III tear that would require surgery.”CAI Youzhi, deputy director of orthopedics, said.”Knee injuries are the most common in mass skiing.”Professor Hu Yihe, director of the Department of Orthopaedics of the First College of Zhejiang University, said, “When skiing, people wear more upper body, and do not directly force, knee joint is often the first force site, but also the first injury site.If you don’t warm up, you make a sharp turn, you fall, and you trip, you can have a big impact on your knee, and it can roll or spin and damage the ligaments that connect your joints. If you don’t stop and continue skiing, you can have more serious ligament tears.”In layman’s terms, you can imagine two pieces of wood held together by multiple straps. When the wood is pulled quickly, the straps break.After treating xiao Xue and Bingbing for a week, CAI Youzhi, deputy chief physician, performed minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery to repair their ligaments. On the first day after the surgery, they were able to go to the ground, but they still need further rehabilitation training, and it will be about three to six months before they can resume normal exercise.”Ligament damage is actually slower and harder to recover from than bone damage.””Many people believe that fractures are important, and injuries to soft tissues such as ligaments are not important. This is a wrong idea. Soft tissues have weaker self-healing ability than fractures, and their blood supply is not rich,” hu said.If the ligament is damaged, it needs professional treatment and rehabilitation, and it is not suitable for strenuous sports in the near future.What injuries are most likely to occur in ice sports?”Before every year most likely accepts a few cases because of ice and snow sports like skiing injury patients, more than two years, indeed, especially at the end of last year earlier this year, we almost every day accepts to such patients, the day I remember most accepts five skiing injury patients, mostly mild damage, but also like light snow and ice ice to perform the surgery has a lot of,They are mostly new skiers or people who have been skiing a little bit.”CAI Youzhi deputy director of the doctor said.In competitive skiing, skiers travel at speeds of more than 120 yards per hour.At the Winter Olympics, athletes from all over the world showed us their skills.But they have been through long-term strict training, knee, thigh, waist and other parts of how to coordinate force, especially their hand movements, are important, in order to protect their safety in the case of high-speed sliding.Now our public ski venues are still entertainment, most of them are novices, do not master sports skills and emergency handling ability.Statistics show that skiing and skating are all kinds of sports in which the injury rate is relatively high and the injury is more serious.Skiing accidents are also frequently reported, and even top skiers like Gu Have been injured several times during training.Head injuries are the most serious form of skiing and skating, and now the idea of wearing a helmet is widespread, so there are not many head injuries in reality.In athletes, the neck is also severely damaged and cannot be immobilized or protected because of the need to keep it flexible during sports.However, for ordinary people, there will be no high-speed sliding, and as long as there is no tumbling, violent collision, the neck is generally not injured.In addition to the most common knee injuries, other common skiing injuries also include ankle, wrist, shoulder injuries, especially for beginners, it is easy to slip and instinctively use the hand to support the ground, it is prone to wrist injuries and even wrist fractures.A few years ago, the first Hospital of Zhejiang University often received patients who cut their fingers because of ice skating, especially children, but the number of occurrence in recent years is less.”It could be that the rink has increased management and protection, and parents have increased vigilance.”Want to ski safely, learn to correctly “fall” is very important experts suggest, regardless of “ice and snow master” or “ice and Snow White”, before exercise, must do a good warm-up exercise, especially for wrist joints, knee joints, ankle joints, warm-up time is not less than 15 minutes, to help the body adapt to the next exercise as soon as possible.For inexperienced novices, we should first understand some of the correct posture and action essentials of skiing and skating, or ask coaches to teach, choose simple primary track sliding, at the same time, all skiers should wear helmets, choose appropriate protective equipment such as knee pads, wrist guards, goggles and so on.If the ski slope or rink is crowded, it is recommended not to exercise to avoid bumping into others or getting injured.Collisions are dangerous, so learn to brake.If a collision seems inevitable, do yourself a disservice and fall rather than collide.At the same time, learning the correct “fall” position is an important way to reduce the injury as much as possible.The safest way for a snowboarder to fall on a steep hill is to bend your knees, lower your weight, and lie on your side.The safest way for a snowboarder to fall backwards is to touch the ground with the entire area of his back with less damage.And experts have repeatedly stressed that no matter on the ice or snow slope, do not use your hands to support the ground when you fall, which is easy to cause wrist injury or even fracture.Falling forward is a very dangerous position, which can cause neck injury by tumbling forward. If you find yourself inevitably falling forward, fold your arms over your chest, bend your knees and lower your weight, avoiding falling head down.Once you fall, if the pain in the injured area is severe, do not panic. Stop exercising immediately, seek help from others around you, and stay away from the slide to avoid tripping someone or injuring yourself again.Try not to move the injured part, use the existing tools on hand for a simple temporary binding of the injured part, and take ice.Call 120 immediately for emergency treatment or seek medical treatment nearby, and professional medical personnel will carry out professional medical treatment.With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, fitness, healthy lifestyle, the more thorough popular feeling, bleak winter, this is not the best time for outdoor sports, but the popularity of ice and snow sports, greatly enriched the People’s Daily life, also adds to the fun for everyone, especially the winter games held in China, but also greatly inspired people’s passion for ice and snow sports.But we must pay attention to skiing and skating on the human body’s balance control ability and strength have higher requirements.Therefore, experts suggest that if the population has organic diseases, such as previous related joint diseases, arthritis, meniscus injury, cartilage injury, or the existence of lumbar diseases such as lumbar disc herniation, or heart and lung diseases such as arrhythmia, hypertension, cardiac diseases, are not appropriate to participate in this sport.