Farewell my Concubine officer xuan optimization, mysterious store and birthday store selection recommended, 912 legend to attack

2022-04-26 0 By

Honor of Kings has skin optimization every month, and February is no exception!This issue has a total of 3 skin into the optimization list, respectively is Zhen Ji ice and snow waltz, Xiang Yu/Yu Ji farewell My Concubine, in addition to the old skin upgrade, there are at least three new skin coming in February canyon.Among them, the new poster and special effects of Donnie Ji’s ice and snow waltz have already been announced, and the optimization progress of this time should be related to the re-modeling and the animation of the entrance of the office (February 14-18). The skin was originally 888 Brave, but after the re-work, it was upgraded to epic quality, and the special effects of the office added elements such as ice and snow, crown and rose.Designed in the same style as Athena’s Ice Crown princess and nezha’s upcoming flame on Snow, the skin is expected to hit the shelves after an upgrade this month.Officials at the end of the month (25th – 28) will open epic limit skin/optimization to create a link in the farewell my concubine, xiang yu both skin’s epic 788 point, last year during the Spring Festival period back, whether the optimization create involves the effect remains to be seen, but at least will involve outside scene, after all, epic skin even without full screen,There are also scenes to match the skin theme, such as a stage.Other Kings canyon in the year of the tiger Spring Festival prepared seven major benefits, not only have nine new skin, and magic and mystery shops open, integral indiana ball falling prices, given the online new skin can not meet the needs of everyone, mysterious stores has become a most of the players for this life hero with an excellent choice for a new dress!This issue mystery store also lives up to expectations, not only to join two legends, more quality epic shelves, such as zhuge Liang golden ratio, 100 li keep secret agent phantom, etc..Players who want to save money on points should note that if they get 50% off in the Mystery Store, they can redeem the skin they want directly in the Mystery Store, and if they get more than 60% off, they can consider opening the Birthday store.In particular, some players said that 60% discount is better than half price, and asked whether xiaobian can use the 100-point coupon card received in the tiger Limit activity.First of all, it can be confirmed that the Mystery store cannot use any point coupon card, while the Birthday store can. However, the 100 point coupon card is only suitable for the skin above 688, meaning that it can only be used on the legend skin. So how can the Mystery store and the Birthday store choose to save point coupons?Very simple!Take big Joe white Snake and Yao’s Cloud Eagle Fly as an example. After the birthday store is 60% off, the two are 532 and 1012 coupons. The two skins can use 50 and 100 coupon cards, that is, big Joe White Snake only needs 482 coupons, and legend of the skin cloud Eagle fly will only need 912 coupons.It is only 68 points higher than 844 half price of liu Bei’s lover, so the mysterious store two legends are not interested in the player, you can choose other legends through the birthday store skin, after all, as long as the 1688 legends on the shelves before February last year can choose, in addition, have to take advantage of the 100 points card has not expired use!Conclusion: Three old skin is about to be optimized and upgraded, epic couple limited Farewell my Concubine in the list, at the same time the mystery store and birthday store choose to recommend, then friends this mystery store whether there is the skin you want?Welcome to comment!Understand the latest king information can pay attention to “game station” oh!