Heavy snow broke branches blocking the city road heshan city management quickly to clear clear

2022-04-26 0 By

00:00 Massachusetts moment yiyang February 8 – (reporter Xin-feng wang Guming zone melting media center Sun yi) on February 7, yiyang ushered in the large area of snow weather, heavy snow to the residents’ life, travel and work has brought great inconvenience, guming district urban management enforcement “snow”, to organize chengguan and sanitation company snow removal work,We will ensure that roads are unblocked and people travel safely, and warm the hearts of the people with concrete actions.On February 8, several branches in the downtown area of Yiyang were broken off by snow and fell on the road and sidewalk, making it impossible for vehicles and pedestrians to pass.”The snow in front of us has broken many branches and occupied the sidewalk. We will deal with it immediately.”Early in the morning, guming district bureau of urban management law enforcement personnel on duty, the joint more than 60 sanitation workers, together with the clear drop in cities like peach blossom shimron, lung chau road on the main road of a large number of branches, and to move it into the security area, quickly and efficiently to ensure the safety of the passing vehicles and pedestrians, eliminates the safety hidden trouble in time, to prevent the secondary accidents.At the same time, in order to ensure rapid road snow removal, to ensure the safety of pedestrians, chengguan to mobilize street merchants, also called for merchants to sweep the snow from his own doorstep, earnestly implement “3 packets” in front of the responsibility, at the same time of merchants to clear the snow must be heap outside a shop without sundry wait for a phenomenon, do it outside clean, neat and orderly.”We will try to clear all branches from urban roads today, as well as remove snow from heavy branches.”Chen Xiangxiong, deputy director of heshan District Urban Management And law enforcement Bureau, told reporters that next, they will strengthen inspection management, continue to pay attention to the weather forecast and road icing situation, according to the weather situation at any time to respond to deployment.