Maybe in a few years, we will face a society without the taste of The New Year and without family affection

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We must be more or less have such a feeling: the taste of the New Year is getting weaker and weaker, can not find the feeling of the past New Year.Put on new clothes, set off firecrackers, paste Spring Festival couplets, make dumplings, go from door to door to pay New Year’s greetings, make family affairs, send red envelopes, store goods for the New Year, hang lanterns…A lively and peaceful New Year scene, these are “nian Flavor”.”Year”, or that “year”, but do not know from when, obviously feel “year” light a lot, it seems to be more and more cold, can not find the feeling before the New Year.Who stole the “New Year flavor” after all?A stolen by fireworks, festival atmosphere “for a New Year’s eve firecrackers, spring breeze gifts into toso”, the Chinese New Year, families set off firecrackers, since the childhood years to the fifteenth day, firecrackers, fireworks on the ground paper how flicking also not clean, especially zero point one, New Year’s eve firecrackers, the ceremony full of feeling, in the firecrackers festival atmosphere is the most direct.However, with the progress of The Times, large and small cities have joined the “ban on lighting” for environmental protection or safety reasons. Fewer cities allow firecrackers and more areas are banned, making it difficult to hear the sound of firecrackers.It is said that “the sound of firecrackers in the old year”, without the sound of firecrackers, the taste of the New Year naturally weakened a lot.In the era of material scarcity, the most expected is the Chinese New Year, because the Chinese New Year can eat delicious ah!I still remember when I was a child, every festival to eat a meal of dumplings, big fish and meat to eat in the mouth that is a sweet, in the words of my mother is “fast to fill the stomach”.When you go to your neighbor’s house to pay New Year’s greetings, you must grab a handful of melon seeds, peanuts and candy and save them up slowly when you get home.Nowadays, with the improvement of living standard, you can buy whatever you want every time you eat big fish and meat. The delicious food that you could only eat during the Spring Festival before is now available in your daily life. People’s expectation of “eating delicious food during the Spring Festival” is no longer so high, and the taste of Spring Festival has been stolen by the high material living standard.Three, the taste of the New Year was stolen by the fast pace of life in the past, the pace of life is very slow, especially in the countryside, the Spring Festival season is idle, and few go out to work, one to the New Year, everyone put down the live, “heart and soul” of the New Year, but this is the most important day of the year, even if there is a daughter also do not change.But now, the pace of life is speeding up, all kinds of pressure has also followed, migrant work, overtime and so on in the Spring Festival is the normal, too late to have a good year, they have to turn around to “make money” in the normal, the taste of the New Year has been stolen by the fast pace of life.Four, taste was stolen by relatives, brothers and sisters before, relatives, brothers and sisters, from the beginning of the second day began to walk relatives, the second day go grandma’s house, the third day go uncle aunt’s house, the fourth day go aunt’s house, the fifth day go uncle uncle’s house……There are many brothers, sisters and Cousins. The meals are divided into two or three tables. It is very lively when we sit together.Nowadays, there are fewer relatives and fewer people to walk around. There are many only children, and people are happy in their own way. The frequency of visiting relatives and friends is not as high as before, and the taste of New Year is stolen by relatives and brothers and sisters.Along with the “taste of New Year” stolen, and our “family”.There is no doubt that as the pace of our life is getting faster and faster, maybe a few years later, when our children grow up, in their view of family affection, only parents and children are called family affection, and other so-called family affection is just a name.I was born in the 1990s and grew up in the countryside. I think most of my generation are like this.In the countryside, most relatives are not far away from each other, and will follow the adults in the family to walk around during festivals. If they walk around more, they will have the concept of family affection in our concept.Knowing that this is my cousin, that’s my cousin, that’s my aunt, that’s my uncle, gives you the idea that these people are all family.At that time, from weddings and funerals to slaughtering pigs and sheep, all the members of a large family would get together and even live together. They would communicate and talk with each other, and everyone knew which family was having troubles and which family was having happy events.Children of the same age often play together and are willing to solve problems together. This is our family.I like a poem “Once upon a time slow” by Mr. Mu Xin very much:Remember early teens, everybody career way Is a railway station early in the morning No dark pedestrians sell soya-bean milk shop long steaming former sunlight become slow train, horse, mail is slow Life only enough to love a person before lock is also good Key elegant look have you locked the somebody else to understand once we are in the environment, while behind, though poor,But everything was wonderful.But as we grow up, as we leave home, as we go to the city, it seems that many good things are slowly disappearing.Take a very simple example, in addition to parents, in addition to children, how often do you call your uncle and aunt, and how often do you send a message to your uncle and uncle, also for a long time you forget yourself.The longer we are out of touch, the weaker the kinship becomes.Even the people of our generation are so, then as our children after 10, 20 children, they will grow up with the concept of family affection?Because many of them will grow up in the steel forest of the city, going to school in front of their classmates, only facing homework and TV, tablets and mobile phones when they close the door after school.How many times do they get to see their loved ones besides Chinese New Year?Now the Spring Festival has many distant relatives do not move, then ten years, twenty years later?One day they won’t even know that this person is his aunt and that person is his brother-in-law, and that’s a terrible thing.The strength of our country and our nation comes not only from our growing technological and military strength, but also from our unity.The country is everyone, composed of countless small families, small family united, can promote the unity of everyone.In the days to come, let children contact relatives, tell them that these are our family.Don’t let them indulge in gorgeous games and lackluster animations.A family society, is a warm society!So, let our children enjoy the benefits of traditional Chinese New Year.If your feelings resonate, please share them with others to make our relationship last.