This group of people, the closest and furthest from the winter Olympic champion

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There was a group of people who came closest to winning in the Winter Olympics – they came within 10 meters of the podium.This group of people, the farthest away from the winter Olympic champion, when the winter Olympic champion comes, they must always turn their backs.Even though I was there, I had to watch the highlights of athletes receiving awards on TV.This group of people, both inside and outside the square ring is Beijing security police, they in Beijing national swimming center on the east side of the 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing, the square watching the 14 day and night, also in the characteristics of both the ice and snow, and there was a “home” in the temperature of the snow house “, this group of people “see” the Chinese Olympic athletes receive 5 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze moment of glory.Beijing Awards Square has been successfully closed on the evening of February 19, most of the security police on duty have been evacuated from the square on February 20, only a few of the outer ring police have to stand the last guard, waiting for the completion of the demolition of related equipment.Recalling this special security task, each security police have their own unforgettable moments.Police officer Wang Chaochen was responsible for the security work of the award ceremony. He is a big fan of short track speed skater Wu Dajing. As he packed his bags, he still wondered whether he would be excited to cry when he saw his idol on the podium.When Wu dajing lifted the gold medal, Wang Chaochen, who had his back to the podium, was observing the situation at the scene, ignoring to look at his idol.At the end of the award ceremony, Wang chaochen looked at the departing crowd and recalled, “Did I just see Wu Dajing?I think so.”Police Leng Jun’s job is 10 meters away from the podium, he remembered every time he heard the name of the Chinese players, he would clench his fist, proud of being Chinese.Even though he was not able to see our Olympic champion receive his medal, he felt it was an honor to guard the podium in this way.The seemingly simple work is actually the hardest to do.In order to ensure the smooth completion of the security work, as early as 2020, the Public security management team of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau took the lead to start the security work. Today, the security police officers inside and outside the awarding square were drawn from 16 units. Together, they prepared for the Winter Olympics for two years.Ma Shixin, head of the security work of the operation team of the awards Square, said, “With 14 day and night guards, we have provided world-class security services for the award-winning athletes and award watching guests, demonstrating the meticulous, exquisite and extreme work style of the capital police and the mature management experience of international large-scale events.””We are also a security family here.”Awards plaza security team security manager, Beijing Public Security Bureau public security corps Zhang Chao recalled.As Li Haijun, deputy security manager of the award plaza security team, said, “There are our comrades here 24 hours a day. During the day, they guard every point of the award plaza like sunshine, and at night, they look out at the stars.”They demand that their work be foolproof, so that athletes can enjoy their highlight moments and millions of viewers can share the joy of victory at home. Their work deserves a “security gold medal”.(Guangming Daily all media reporter Dong Cheng correspondent Zhang Siqi) source: Guangming Daily