COVID-19 diagnosis criteria have changed

2022-04-27 0 By

On January 12, The Public Security Bureau of Xuchang city, Henan Province reported that Zhang Mou Dong, regional director of Zhengzhou Jinyu Clinical Laboratory Center Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhengzhou Jinyu”), violated the provisions of the law on prevention and control of infectious diseases, and carried out the behavior of causing pneumonia transmission of new Guan virus infection or serious risk of transmission.Such a major case, in January 2022, in the fourth wave of the NOVEL coronavirus outbreak, as the most important medical detection method, went wrong, affecting the whole situation, had a huge impact on the entire war.The public urgently needs to know the progress of this case and further information, this information is related to the whole situation, not affected by one place!According to the latest psychiatric requirements of the National Prevention and Control Headquarters, patients with nucleic acid singleyang must be confirmed by combining clinical manifestations, laboratory examination results and CT imaging findings.Otherwise,, patients who are nucleic acid positive alone are no longer diagnosed as COVID-19 patients, and those who have been diagnosed should also be screened out.This means that our criteria for diagnosing COVID-19 have changed dramatically!A positive nucleic acid confirming novel coronavirus infection is previously reported as a confirmed case.Based on this, local governments and quarantine chiefs will strictly quarantine confirmed cases.But as of yesterday, those patients will not be reported as confirmed COVID-19 patients if they do not show signs of pneumonia.As a result, hubei’s figures fell off a cliff.In Hubei province, a large number of nucleic acid positive patients were reduced, but there were no asymptomatic or mild cases of pneumonia.A further reduction is likely in the coming days if nothing goes wrong.It is recommended that novel coronavirus cases be separated from COVID-19 cases and that as many sample surveys as possible be conducted to determine the approximate number of cases — which is certainly much higher than the current official number of confirmed cases.Using this as the denominator, we can see that the novel Coronavirus fatality rate is quite low, only slightly higher than that of influenza.Social panic is excessive.Academicians from the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Wuhan P4 Institute of Viroology are also calling for COVID-19 to be renamed to avoid its association with SARS, which is also further allaying social fears.The novel Coronavirus is unlikely to be contained, given its transmission capacity, and should now be corrected.Developments in Singapore, Japan and South Korea are making it increasingly clear that the COVID-19 virus is extremely difficult to contain.China cannot be isolated from the world. Its economy is highly dependent on internationalization.If China shifts from exporting to importing, we may be closed in the next few years.This is unrealistic.Professor Yang Gonghuan, former deputy director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters that the Novel Coronavirus is unlikely to be contained and is more likely to become an epidemic.Wang Chen, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said the COVID-19 virus is likely to exist for a long time, just like the flu.The authorities finally relented.It is expected that there will be a fundamental change in our prevention and control policy, so that people infected with the virus will no longer be compared to COVID-19 patients, and the treatment focus will be on COVID-19 patients.