Can you go to his home for the Spring Festival with him if you are not married?

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Can you go to his home with your boyfriend without getting married?The answer is not only yes, but necessary.Boyfriend’s family is an important way to know the truth about a boyfriend’s family, after knowing the truth about a man’s family, you will know whether this man can marry.Of course, understanding a man’s family is not to let you know what house his parents live in, what car they drive, these are secondary, the most important is to understand the family tradition, you can understand from the following four aspects.The first one is to know that there is a very close relationship between their family and their relatives. If many relatives in this family do not communicate with each other during the Spring Festival, it is likely that the host of this family has a big problem.Second, find out if their family get-togethers are harmonious and if their elders are respected enough.There are usually two reasons why elders are not respected. The first is that the younger generation is selfish and selfless, and the second is that the elder behaves badly. No matter which reason, enough attention should be paid to it.The third look at the host and hostess attitude, is your boyfriend’s father is how to treat your boyfriend’s mother, such as between them is how to address, how to communicate.Know how to respect women, caring for the weak family style is generally better, so grow up in this environment, mental health, feelings.Fourth, the guests in their home are willing to stay in his parents’ time, which can see whether they treat people warmly, the host is cohesive.