Chongqing railway station is expected to send 140,000 passengers tomorrow

2022-04-27 0 By

On February 5, a reporter from Chongqing Daily learned from Chongqing Railway Station that 140,000 people are expected to be transported across the railway station on February 6, an increase of 76,000, or 119.4%, over the same period of the 2021 Spring Festival Travel rush.It is understood that this year’s Spring Festival travel rush ended early, the weather in north China has not warmed up, the flow of workers from the south and the flow of workers from the northwest will be staggered.After the Spring Festival, the passenger flow is relatively stable. It is expected that the flow of returning from visiting relatives, the flow of working in the south, the flow of students, and the flow of working in the north will alternate peak in turn.It is worth noting that the peak passenger flow will continue for a long time after the Spring Festival.At the same time, the past Chongqing train also opened a number of shifts.From February 4th to 20th, Chongqing and Dazhou will open K6026 times, leaving at 17:06 in Chongqing and arriving at 21:20 in Dazhou;From February 4 to 14, chongqing North – Wanzhou North C9170, Chongqing North 07:30, Wanzhou north 09:13 to;From February 4 to 20, Wanzhou-Fuzhou k4381/4/1, Wanzhou 22:17, Fuzhou (third day)15:06 arrival;From February 11 to 19, open G8519 from Chengdu East to Chongqing West, 13:10 from Chengdu East, 14:43 from Chongqing West…Facing the return rush, Chongqing Railway Station will comprehensively strengthen epidemic prevention and control, strictly control the overcrowding rate of trains, and insist on taking temperature checks of passengers entering and leaving the station.And make full use of the station’s existing automatic ticket vending machines, ticket sales and collection window and other resources, improve the ability of selling, returning, changing and signing under the emergency situation of Spring Festival Travel rush, dynamically adjust the number of ticket selling, returning and changing Windows, extend the opening time of manual Windows, and ensure that all closed manual Windows support cash and electronic payment.