“Perfect World” official micro fan blasting, Shi Hao was slapped, emperor Tiandi become slap hou

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Perfect World is one of the most popular 3D fantasy films of this period, and is also one of the top 50 IP titles in online literature.Many people are popular and wrong, “Perfect World” under the official micro blog, seems to have been blown up again.This is not because of a few female fans in each other, but the male hero Shi Hao’s fans open spray.Shi Hao in recent episodes of forced case was weakened, even a set was hit two in the face, tang Tiandi unexpectedly became black powder mouth “slap hou”.The following detailed analysis, as follows: Shihao was slapped in the face, official micro also use this propaganda Shihao in this episode first and the month chan ambiguous, and then be the month chan hit a slap, and then meet the fire linger, and was the fire Linger face slap.Shi Hao’s character in the original work is set very high, and the plot of being slapped by a woman appears in the original work, which has been sprayed to the end.But in the perfect World animation, there is a strange operation in which Shi Hao gets slapped twice in the face in one episode, which really makes the original party and Shi Hao fans speechless.One post described the slap as “a way of greeting”, while another mocked Yunxi as unsocial if she did not slap her, implying that Shi hao would have to be slapped again.Openly the male master get slap in the face when laughing material for people’s entertainment, and the male master or the emperor of heaven fans mouth, “perfect world” official micro this was blown up true normal., big men and small husband cannot exist at the same time in the great times Shi Hao get slap is his “little husband”, a proud but Shi Hao is a big male master dragon day, the family status and social status to produce a strong contrast, hereinafter referred to as “henpecked”, is very common in the animation works, “naruto” deer pill is henpecked.But the problem is that “Perfect World” is a cool movie, the hero Shi Hao is very dragon aotian, he became a little husband will lower his force, and not become a little husband, not “Assasi”, “Perfect World” emotional line can not develop.Therefore, it leads to a dilemma: If Shi Hao is not a little husband, “Perfect World” will not be a little sweet drama, and its popularity will decline;Shi Hao became a young husband, the original emperor’s image will be cut, is really in a dilemma.Fans have blasted the episode in the comments section, accusing Perfect World of undermining its hero and vilifying him and using him as a tool for party warfare.In fact, another Chinese comic “fight to break the Sky” also has similar problems, when Xiao Yan kneel to Medusa, was also blamed to weaken the male hero, the production group had to change the lens.Shi Hao was laughed “slap hou”, black powder music crazy Chen East works between the roles of the powder tear, no more than “one punch Superman” war force party tear each other less.Shi Hao and Ye Fan on the two of the stronger discussion, has been up to now are uncertain.In the fight between Shi Hao also virtually born a batch of black powder, and “perfect world” animation Shi Hao was slapped twice in the face, is to pass a knife to black powder.Now Hao shi has been black powder up a nickname called “slap hou”.Shi Hao tang tiandi into slap hou, fans naturally can not sit, black powder is crazy.After the fans and sunspots on the line, or and Ye Fan’s fans on the line, the opposite to a “slap hou”, Shi Hao’s fans how to connect?A random search on the Internet can see shi Hao was slapped in the face lens, hard evidence cannot refute.The only way to turn the game around is to wait for “Cover the Sky” animation to start broadcasting, and see whether Ye Fan will also be changed by magic. If Ye Fan is also cut, the two brothers and sisters will laugh together and dilute the black name into a terrier.Summary: “Perfect World” animation in order to develop the emotional line, let Shi Hao a set of two haimin slap, really put the image of Shi Hao pulled down a section, the official micro was therefore blown up, and Shi Hao also more than a slap hou black said, fans more difficult.But now the hero assasi does not put down a little, it is difficult to develop the relationship line, “Perfect World” animation this wave of modification is not wrong, but the way is not appropriate, do you think?