Speedo: Blow up The Spirit Ace vs. five managers in Speedo Villain Guide

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“White marble wearing pearl buckle, day and night together to the hoary head”.Hello, book fans, I am xiaobian!There are so many kinds of novels available on the Internet, but when it comes to picking a book of the heart, there are still so many blind spots that book fans can get really confused and run out of books.As an old fan xiaobian this is also a deep experience.Today xiaobian for you to recommend some good novels, to ensure that the fans are watching with relish, if you like, to remember to pay attention to the collection oh.Today to share is: quick wear article: blow blow “quick wear of the villain strategy” spirit ace department member vs five managers the first book: “quick wear of the villain strategy” author: Tu Xiao Content introduction: quick wear article: blow blow “quick wear of the villain strategy” spirit ace department member VS five managers!Su Mu, K.C. department of spiritual technology ace department member, respectively into the five spiritual world to save five in the battle of science and technology into a coma to suffer the pain of the manager, has always been calm and domineous she will experience what kind of love and hatred?First World: Dual personality brother world Second World: Black disease Master Charming world Third World: Wolf King fourth World: Ghost fifth World: The last Zombie King…Enter pit guide: “later you followed me, introduce yourself with you first, I am meng Lige.”Meng Li ge hand, for su Mu can turn the danger is also a sigh of relief, Su Mu is an interesting person, she is willing to make friends with her.”Hello, I’m Sumu.”Su wood smiled and Meng Lige shake hands, in any case, and she do a good job, hold tight thigh, is not wrong, maybe in the future to complete the task encountered difficulties, she can also help her.”I’ll have your room prepared, and you’ll live next door to me.”Meng Lige said as she led the way that she was just cold and warm to those she was willing to show kindness to.”Okay, I see.”She lived next door to Meng Lige, which enabled her to learn more easily, and also enabled her to avoid contact with Yang Zirui.Su mu shook her head and smiled. She expected that if she showed anything suspicious, She would not hesitate to let Him kill her.(Click below to read for free) the second: “Fast wear: the host malicious up themselves are stabbed” author: Pudding is very sweet content introduction: The moon Jiao as everyone fears the destruction of god, wake up accidentally by a malicious female match whitewashing system binding, opened the three thousand small world travel plan!Moon jiao became a malicious mother, no relation, directly stabbed the thigh a few knife to psychological dark son.Pit guide: “how dare you betray me!”Prince Endel reached out his hand and gripped Himfei with all his strength.”I have no choice, my new master is really too strong, if I did not choose to betray you, you would not see me now, I would be the same as the Miller and the others, only to meet the fate of death.”Simphay pulled his hand out of Prince Endel’s pierced chest.He licked the blood from the tip of his hand and laughed in a low voice. “Don’t blame me, Lord Endl. Blame you for messing with the wrong people.”Endel looked at Himfer unwillingly and said, “If Queen Vittorii knew about this, she would not let you go.””Well, when my noble master comes to Bradcity, do you think Queen Vitori will survive?Her reign will come to an end and the next queen will be my honourable master.”Words just fall, Simu fei put Endel’s head to live twisted down, headless body then lit up with black smoke, the instant dissipated the trace was not found.Endel died wondering how something that seemed good could have turned out this way.He actually died in the hands of his most trusted subordinates for no reason.Content Description: A year ago, Xue Zhi was a female doctor with no emotion. She was criticized not only by her boyfriend, but also by her colleagues for not being able to smile.A year later, a very beautiful man in a suit showed up at the hospital, tapping his long white fingers against the table. “Do you have a Xue Zhi here? Call her.”Colleagues have said: handsome boy, believe me, you even if again handsome we mo get feelings of xue doctor will not smile to you!Into the pit guide: Xue Huining hands wring the corner of the dress, biting the lip to look at the maid way, “enough, don’t continue to say.”Jiang Shizhong but cold face looked at that maid way, “continue to say.””…The princess said that if she couldn’t, she would kill the whole family. I beg you to spare the slave, because it was necessary.”The maid went on, grinding her teeth.”The princess has been grounded recently, when did she see you, and when did she say this to you?”Jiang Shizhong half smile not smile way, “sentence this official knows, she can have no confidant.”The maid-in-waiting was slightly shocked for a moment, and immediately said, “The princess herself told the maidservant!You must have taught the princess how to read and write. You should know that princess Chang doesn’t like to read and write. She likes to wield knives and guns.”She said it as if it were true. “Princess Changprincess is very good at kung fu. She stole out in the middle of the night wearing clothes of maids of honor to talk to the slave, otherwise the slave would not be so afraid.Xue Huining listened to the maid-in-waiting, not by beaming.Say good, if be jiang Shizhong know she dare to ground during secretly run out, that then more sin no excuse.(Click below to read it for free) Ok, that’s all for today’s xiaobian recommendation, what do you want to say to xiaobian?At the end of the article comments below the comment area, small make up can see oh, looking forward to your message ~ short term wonderful review: Bronze spike “big Makeup” praise tide, Lin Jiacheng this ancient words better look, super sexy!Quick wear text: blow “quick wear today improper cannon fodder” eunuch leader vs monarch!Brush “Beautiful woman in Northern Jiangsu”, and was Lin Di son this gao Gan wen jing, 9.8 retained the top spot!Two young inspirational text, handsome drop slag Chu Zhan × the whole network black Wei Kai, soldiers in two ways “Peak goodbye”