The most important thing in life is to know yourself

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Self-knowledge should be told from two aspects, that is, strengths and weaknesses.You know what? Go.I don’t know, ill.Husband only disease disease, is not sick.A saint is not sick because he is sick.The man who knows that he is ignorant is a wise man indeed. He who does not know that he is ignorant and pretends to know everything is “ill”.The reason why saints seem to have no problems is that they can always reflect on their faults, and they will naturally go away without cure.Lao Tzu said, “If you don’t know, go.I don’t know, ill.”It means to know that one is ignorant, which is a very noble accomplishment, and not to think that one knows is wrong.Lao Tzu made a scathing criticism of the self-righteous, wise-ass morbid.1, the highest degree of life are able to correctly know themselves, know where their line, where no man you have self-knowledge, one can deeply know yourself, know yourself, know your strengths and weaknesses, to do things correctly choose to do, he is good at choice, he is good at the distance from success will be closer.Ouyang Xue in the TV drama “The Way of Heaven” is a person who can understand herself correctly. Ouyang Xue lives in poverty since childhood and is not yet an adult. In order to have enough food, she works as a waiter in a restaurant.Later, she gradually got enough money to set up a wonton stall and finally opened a restaurant. Now she has a medium-sized hotel. What Ouyang Xue often says is: “I have no other ability but to open a restaurant.”Later, she became the largest shareholder of the music company “Metrical Poem”, and she did not give up her original intention to open a restaurant, so that the final result was a perfect one.He who knows others is wise, he who knows himself is wise!We have such a person in our life, blindly arrogant, think they can do anything, in fact, such a person is often a bottle of dissatisfaction, half bottle swinging.Others can deceive themselves, they must not deceive themselves.Many years ago, our system is not much perfect, many people falsified to get a driver’s license.In fact, I have no in-depth research on driving experience, not to mention good training.There is a true story of a man who got his driver’s license by his connections. He had no driving experience for one day after leaving the driving school. One day, he went out for dinner with his friends.The friend asked him if he could do it.He bragged: “Nothing, small, I often open.”His friend believed him and let go of the drink. When he left, he gave him the car keys. As a result, on the way to drive, he handled the situation improperly and had an accident, the car was scrapped on the spot.3, looking too high on their own will only bring disaster put on their own position, do not look too high on their own, do not have the ability to bear things as the old saying goes: no diamond, do not pull porcelain live, otherwise can only bring their own disaster.In The Romance of The Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang was grieving over Meng Da’s death when He came to report. Sima Yi and Zhang He led an army of 150, 000 to attack a street pavilion. Hearing this, Zhuge Liang was shocked and asked the generals, “Who will dare to guard the street pavilion?”Ma Su came forward and begged for war, saying, “The last will be willing to go.”Zhuge Liang looked at Ma Su and said, “Jie Ting is small but important. It is the throat leading to Hanzhong.Sima Yi is a wise and resourceful man and Zhang He is a valiant one. Are you their match?Ma Su unremitting smile, I have been familiar with the book of war since childhood, resourceful, don’t say he Sima Yi, is Cao Shuang personally come, and what fear?If not, kill my family.Ma Su too high view of themselves, resulting in the loss of jie Ting, lost their lives in vain.The more incompetent the person, the more pretentious!Don’t be arrogant and don’t belittle yourself to know yourself correctly, is a wise man.Don’t be arrogant, don’t think too highly of your own ability;Don’t belittle yourself and underestimate yourself too much.Megalomania and self-contempt are immature, only a correct understanding of their own, neither overestimate nor underestimate, in order to properly position themselves.Only by doing things can we not let ourselves down, nor lose our fighting spirit and opportunity.Krylov said: a fool is proud of himself, and he is proud of his own shortcomings, which are the subject of ridicule, and he often exaggerates what should be regarded as a great shame.Lao She said: a really know their own people, can not be modest.Modesty makes the heart shrink, like a little stone egg, though small, but very strong.Firmness makes honesty.Self-knowledge is the hardest thing to learn, but it must be done.Conclusion: a person does not want to stumble, do not want to become the laughingstock of others, we must have a correct understanding of themselves.Socrates said, “To know oneself is to know life.”A person who doesn’t even know himself, how can he manage life well and know life?Nothing to read more books, improve their own cognition, every day three provinces of my body, more review of their usual behavior, more moral, dare to tell the truth of friends.If you want to learn more about yourself, you’d better always ask and listen to others.Taoism of Nature — Carry forward the essence of traditional culture and spread the classical wisdom of Sinology.Learn a little every day, make a little progress every day!If you like our sinology article, welcome to follow our account, and like, comment, forward below.Article pictures from the network, copyright belongs to the original author all, if there is infringement, contact delete