Tianjin New Year has the custom of hanging money, which is exquisite

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Hello, I am a local tourist from Tianjin.Generally, people will paste couplets and paper-cuts during the Spring Festival. Many places in the north also have the custom of pasting New Year pictures.But there is a special tianjin folk custom, that is hanging money.Do you know what it’s called?The hanging money in Tianjin is particularly beautiful, usually a rectangular piece of pure red paper cut, the upper half is a blessing text or pattern, the lower half is a symbolic string of money rows of red ears.Listen to the old man said before the money and yellow, pink, these I have not seen, the only thing I have seen is red.There is a lot of gold in the middle pictures or words.When pasting, the whole upper edge of the money should be pasted on the upper edge of the window or door.Whenever the Spring Festival approaches, every household sticks the money, plus Spring Festival couplets and the word “fu”, with red lanterns, which is the standard match for the New Year in Tianjin.Now there are fewer people sticking New Year pictures. If they are matched with door gods and New Year pictures, the festive atmosphere will be stronger.When the Chinese New Year is coming, tianjin’s roadside stalls, supermarkets, markets and other places will generally sell the money, the price varies according to different sizes, cheap a few dollars, large dozens of dollars have.Now in the urban area of the ancient culture street and xiqing yangliuqing are the large scale of the New Year market place, couplets, fu, New Year pictures, window cuts, hanging money and other kinds of goods complete, various styles, you can choose to their favorite hanging money here.The origin of hanging money Has a long history. It is difficult to find out when it originated. It is said to have originated in the Han Dynasty.It is said that the money was handed down by Jiang Ziya.When Jiang Ziya assisted King Wu of Zhou, led Erlang God Yang Jian, three altar Hai Hui god Nezha and other dry people to overthrow the tyrannical rule of King Zhou of Shang, and consecrate the god ceremony, relevant personnel were entrusted to the throne.Ma Shi, the wife of Jiang Ziya, was worried when she saw that all the people had awards. So she asked Jiang Ziya to grant her a fairy title as well.This can make Jiang Ziya embarrassed.He had always loved and feared his wife.Love her, because jiang Ziya young poor, married but failed to let her live a rich life, the family still rely on daughter-in-law to take care of, heart much guilty.You can’t bear to say no to your daughter-in-law.Afraid of her, because the daughter-in-law sometimes temper is not very good, often scold him.But what divinity was she, a housewife, worthy of such a great trust?So jiang ziya seal his wife a poor god, that is to meet the wife’s requirements and can stick to the principle.In order to avoid Ma’s arbitrary use of magic, Jiang Ziya and Ma’s agreement, all doors and Windows hanging money in the family, are not allowed to go.So every New Year during the New Year, every door and window are hung hanging money, to avoid poor god into the household, two to pray for peace and prosperity.In the past, the older generation said that the money should be hung outside the window. I think this may be because the Windows in the past were all opaque window paper, so the poor god could not see it inside, so it had to be hung outside.Windows are made of glass now, so you just hang them on the inside.Do you think so?During the Spring Festival, everyone will hang hanging money on the Windows and doors, and the whole family will celebrate the Spring Festival happily.On this occasion, I would like to express my special thanks to my mother and daughter-in-law. They take care of the food and drink of the old and the young throughout the year, and listen to them at home during the Spring Festival.Think of jiang Ziya, such a great man, to daughter-in-law are very respectful, we have no reason to quarrel with family?Although jiang Ziya left the reputation of henpecked, but this is jiang Ziya great place.He defeated the king Zhou of the Shang Dynasty, but he was afraid of his wife, which was more about love.So, what do you think of the custom of hanging money in Tianjin?Please leave comments and discuss.Follow @tianjin tourism local jun  to learn more about Tianjin tourism guide and information.# Tianjin Headlines ## Tianjin ## Tianjin Local News #