Video | Three times in one week to participate in epidemic prevention services, China Construction Fifth Bureau installation company East China Company Super English volunteer service team in action

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“We have an emergency support mission and need 20 volunteers…”At eight o ‘clock in the morning of March 12th, members of the super British volunteer service team of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Installation Company East China Company gathered again, skillfully helped each other to wear protective clothing, and began to prepare for “combat”…This is their third vaccination campaign in a week.Soon, members of the Super English Volunteer Service team went to a community in Jing ‘an. They went door to door with a roster, guided residents to a designated location for nucleic acid testing, and helped community workers maintain order at the site.”Search for small program health cloud, open personal registration, while the line to you scan this TWO-DIMENSIONAL code.”Volunteers patiently help residents register qr codes and check their identities.The elderly, who were not accompanied by relatives, found it difficult to operate their mobile phones. Soon someone asked, “Why can’t I scan this code?”Volunteer Li Chunyu hurriedly walked over and said: “Auntie I help you look, you this is a screenshot.””Yes, my daughter saved it for me last time.””Aunt, this code is every time will update, I want to re-register once, I help you operate, in a moment you show this.””Oh, I know, please, old cell phones are not very useful.”Li Chunyu said with a smile: “Nothing wrong aunt, we don’t worry, slowly line up ha!”Behind masks and masks, volunteers smile like a breeze, calming residents’ anxiety.After a while, volunteer Liu Yulun panted and said, “403 no.7 is an old man, it is not convenient to go downstairs, can you come to the door to check?”The examining doctor nodded.”Good, let’s comb it out again.”Finish finish, she led three volunteers, separate door to understand the situation of undetected residents.”Hello, is there an uncle Zhao in your house who hasn’t gone down to check?””Hello, have you tested it?It’s downstairs.”…Four hours later, four volunteers completed the information collection of more than 150 people in three buildings, which provided a guarantee for the smooth progress of follow-up work.In the warm spring of March, the volunteers, their clothes soaked and their masks covered with evaporating fog, said in a hoarse voice, “It is our responsibility as Communist Party members and as young people of state-owned enterprises to support the local epidemic prevention volunteer services.”Knit the epidemic “prevention and control network”, build a strong epidemic “protection wall”, actively respond to the call of Jing ‘an Qingzhi Association and Daning Road street, help Shanghai epidemic prevention, China Construction Fifth Bureau installation company East China Company Super English volunteer service team in action.(Correspondent: Liu Yulun;By Jing ‘an, Shanghai