Visit sympathy send care thick warmth degree Spring Festival

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I will do what they desire and what they desire.On January 26, Zhai Huadong, secretary of party Group and director of Tengzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, Sun Dehao, director of office, and personnel of the organization and personnel Department visited the village (community) assigned by the first Secretary and the “Double Report” community to carry out the visit and condolence to send care and warmth to the Spring Festival.Director Zhai and his delegation first came to Binjiang Community, Longquan street, visited the old Party members, sent condolence goods, and asked about the health and living conditions of the old party members, sent care in mind, spiritual care.Later, Director Zhai and his delegation visited first Secretary li Ju, North gate of Jinghe Street, and Huangzhuang Village, Dongguo Town. They visited First Secretary Li and sent rice, flour, oil and other gifts to the needy people.Director Zhai sent a letter to the First Secretary of the Province and the Working team members to the First Secretary, conveying the recognition and support of the work of the first Secretary of the superior organization, expressing concern and care for the first Secretary, and giving relevant work guidance.The poor people and party members expressed heartfelt thanks to the Party Committee, the government and the civil affairs Bureau for their care and concern.The first secretary also said that he would not live up to the expectations of the superior organization and the Civil Affairs Bureau, and would continue to do a solid job in the village work, truly integrate the “civil affairs for the people and love the people” into the work in the village, and make greater contributions to improve the people’s happiness in life.