2022036 sports lottery arrangement three lottery number prediction and positioning direct selection of a note

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2022035 be arranged three lottery data review: 035 arranged three lottery number is: 402, form: set of six, AC values: 02, number combination: leave 0 odd 3 even, 0 3 small, 2 in 1 three combinations, number and value: 06, the even number and double booked: even did not leave, double booked out bits 2, gross omission: 6, the size of the difference:04, head and end difference: 02, except for three remainder: 102, this period of the national direct election: 3,415 notes, group selected: 12,250 notes, a total of bonus: 5,670,850 yuan, this period of national sales: 26,539,944 yuan, congratulations to the winning friends, 036 issue of sports lottery arrangement three selection number can pay attention to the following conditions: form:Group 6, AC value: concern 03.Number combination: the number combination is mainly normal, preventing the opening of all odd numbers and all large combinations.Numbers and values: Focus on the opening of odd numbers and values.Double number and double number: pay attention to the double number is not opened, appropriate prevention of open number (row 5 035 issue of open number).Total value of omissions: pay attention to the high value of omissions, pay attention to the range above 20.Size difference: pay attention to all differences, head and tail difference: pay attention to all differences.Remainder of division by three: Focus on the ones digit to kill the 2-way number (258).The current number pool is :(024) (678) (135).This issue of direct selection of a note: 863!This article is for reference only, thank you!