In an epic comeback, the Chinese women’s football team scored three goals in the second half to win the title for the first time in 16 years

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On February 6th, Beijing time, the women’s Football Asian Cup final was held as scheduled. The Chinese women’s football team, who had won the title for 7 times in a row, stood in front of honor again. We are bound to stand at the top of honor again.This service, Wang Frost line of fire comeback.At the beginning of the game, The Chinese team has been pressing the Korean team, but the other team’s formation is very stable, did not lose the ball, then, the Korean team seized the opportunity to counter attack, by Cui Yu Li scored a goal.Before halftime, China suffered another blow when Yao Lingwei handkicked the ball and South Korea was awarded a penalty, which Chi Xiaoran converted to make the score 0-2.In the second half, the water coach made three adjustments, starting Lou Jiahui, Wu Chengshu, Wang Shuang by Xiao Yuyi, Zhang Rui, Zhang Linyan replaced, after the substitution, the momentum of the women’s football team is completely different, Tang Jiali scored a penalty, Zhang Linyan headed a goal, the score became 2-2.China scored the winner in the 93rd minute!Highlight shot: Less than a minute into the game, the women’s soccer team ushered in a chance to score. Wu Chengshu found a chance to pass the ball to Tang Jiaoli, but Tang’s shot was blocked and deflected.In the 9th minute, Zhang Xin missed the ball and Wang Shuang followed up with a low shot. Unfortunately, the shot was right footed, which was not fully energized and was confiscated by the goalkeeper.In the 15th minute, South Korea’s Lee Jin-min found an opportunity to shoot from a distance and the ball was wildly wide.The linesman was gasping for breath in the opening tempo.In the 28th minute, South Korea had a chance from a set piece, but goalkeeper Zhu Yu made a brilliant save!In the 54th minute, Zhang xin broke through and shot straight into the net, but missed the goal.In the 26th minute of the game, The South Korean team made a counter-attack and found Lee Jin-min on the right side of the front court. Choi Yuri rushed to the middle and scored the ball!The score 1-0.In the 43rd minute, the Chinese team scuffle in the penalty area, South Korea’s ball hit yao Lingwei hands, after the referee looked back, the penalty was awarded to South Korea, Chi Xiaoran hit the goal, the score 0-2.In the 66th minute, Zhang Linyan chose to shoot from a distance, li Yongzhou deliberately handball, the referee whistled a penalty but did not give the opponent a yellow card.Tang Jiali to take the penalty, overnight, the score 1-2!The 72th minute, Tang Jiali front right side of the ball, the bottom line to send out the cross, the box Zhang Linyan on header, score 2-2 game on 93 minutes, the Chinese team to complete a dead, vian straight forward out of middle, XiaoYuYi area with a volley at the right corner, the score 3-2 congratulate the Chinese women’s team, after 16 years to win the Asian cup again, we are the champions!You can always trust the Chinese women’s football team!Women’s starters: 1 Zhu Yu, 3 Wang Xiaoxue, 6 Zhang Xin, 7 Wang Shuang, 8 Yao Wei, 11 Wang Shanshan (C), 14 Lou Jiahui, 15 Wu Chengshu, 16 Yao Lingwei, 18 Tang Jiali, 23 Gao Chen2 Choo Hyo-joo, 4 Shim 藇 Yeon, 6 Im Sun-joo, 8 Cho Soo Hyun, 10 Ji Hao-yeon, 11 Choi Yuri, 13 Lee Jin-min, 17 Lee Young-joo, 18 Kim Jung-mi, 20 Kim Hye-ri (C), 23 Sun Hwa-joon