Zhen Ji ice and snow epic optimization first explosion, in the kingdom of ice and snow cool, love of life return official huge profits

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Article │ Kerr game said the original time to the Lantern Festival, in the Lantern Festival this day king of Glory did not launch what too many activities, just return a skin.The skin, luna’s lifelong love, is back on sale for the Lantern Festival.In addition to this skin encore, wang Zhaojun also ushered in the return of a star yuan skin, this star yuan belongs to Wang Zhaojun’s idol singer, is a very high quality star yuan skin.In addition, officials recently revealed the latest optimization progress of The Donnie’s ice waltz, including the poster, display modeling, modeling and special effects of this skin.It also suggests that the skins have been refined and will soon be available on the official server, while players who don’t have the skins will have to work hard to get them.How is the specific situation? Let’s look at it together.Zhen Ji this ice and snow waltz optimization first burst zhen Ji this ice and snow waltz optimization is still in March and April last year, the distance has passed nearly a year time.After such a long time, this skin will finally be optimized, the optimization progress is the final optimization effect of this skin.First of all, let’s take a look at the specific effect of this skin optimization, looking for the original poster.As shown in the picture, the image of the optimized poster is very beautiful. Wearing an ice blue dress, a flower made of red ice crystals at hand is also very artistic.Compared with the poster before optimization, the progress of the poster after optimization is still very obvious.Then there is the modeling of the skin optimized appearance animation. As shown in the image, in the appearance animation, Zhen Ji is in front of the ice crystal fence, and behind her there is an ice castle.Then there is the special effects after the skin optimization, the first is the general attack effect, compared with the original, after the optimization of the general attack becomes more slender, the color is also more close to the color of ice and snow.Then there is the special effect of a skill. The original special effect of a skill is the same as the original skin, but after optimization, not only the color of the special effect is changed, but also the style is very different.Second is the special effects of two skills, after the optimization of the special effects of two skills into a pink rose, when flying to the enemy will leave behind many snowflakes trailing, very good.Finally, the special effects of the big trick, the skin of the big trick will first appear in the scene of a storm, and then there will be a snow crown in the big trick, and there will be a lot of ice crystal roses.In general, the special effects of the optimized ice and snow waltz are made very attentively, and all kinds of details are handled very well.On The occasion of the Lantern Festival, the king of China also brought back the love of Luna’s life skin, which many Of luna’s fans have been waiting for.Different from the Monkey’s Wedding, Luna is not as popular as the monkey, so even though the same series of Wedding has returned twice, the number of the love of life return is still very few, and many players want this skin but can not get it.And this encore also let many players finally get what they wish, this encore lasts for 7 days, so want to buy the players to grasp, after this encore opportunity, the next time I don’t know what time is.Kerr said Zhen Ji’s ice and snow waltz after the optimization of the news, it is estimated that this month may be online, the skin in the skin fragment mall update is just put on the skin fragment mall, so there are enough skin fragments, then exchange this skin.The optimized skin is as good as Donnie’s epic skin, The Dream of The Garden and the King of The Girl kingdom.Luna’s life love this return is also more rare, want to start the player this opportunity must not miss.Then there is Wang Zhaojun’s star skin also has an encore, like players can pay attention to it.