China did its part in the rescue, but Russia would have left it alone

2022-04-29 0 By

With the intensification of human industrial activities, the earth’s environment has also been destroyed.There have been a number of extreme weather events in recent years, including the recent eruption of a volcano in Tonga that has experts worried about volcanoes in Japan.Japan’s Mount Fuji has not seen any major activity in more than 300 years since it erupted in 1707.Although Fuji is thought to be dormant for now, many facts suggest that eruptions are unpredictable, meaning they are irregular and could happen today or not for 300 years.It is the unpredictability of volcanic eruptions that makes Fuji more of a ticking time bomb.International professionals say Mount Fuji in Japan could erupt at any time and the Japanese government should be ready at any time.After the tonga volcano eruption, “Sunken Japan” also became a hot search, in addition to Japan’s Fuji volcano is a dangerous bomb, Japan’s geographical location is also very dangerous.As we all know, Japan has frequent tsunamis and earthquakes.A prophet in England had predicted that Japan would be the first country to sink.With so many natural disasters on earth these days, even Japan itself has released a movie called “Japan Sinks.”In the film, a massive anomaly appears at the bottom of Japan’s seven kilometers, leading to the collapse of highway Bridges and an earthquake that will sink the entire country in 380 days.Many netizens believe that the film is not just a warning to the Japanese people, but also an ultimate reflection of Japanese people’s future destiny, reflecting their sense of urgency.On a realistic level, “Sinking of Japan” is a horror event that could happen in real life, and the movie is like a rehearsal for the worst in Japanese minds.In the movie, when Japan was sinking, The Japanese people asked for help everywhere. There was a temptation of “Brother is in trouble, please help me”. What is more profound is that the Chinese people in the movie were tolerant and did their duty in the Japanese rescue.At the same time, in the film, the Japanese government also requests countries around the world, hoping to receive more Japanese refugees.In response, a Russian netizen expressed his opinion that the Chinese people are naturally kind-hearted, and if Japan sinks, it is doubtful that China will really forget the past to help.But Russia doesn’t care who they want to help.Of course, some netizens think that if you do something wrong, you will be killed by yourself. In many cases, it looks like a natural disaster, but it is actually a punishment for bad people.How many bad things Japan has done in history and how much harm it has done to people around the world.How many innocent people were hurt during world War II, and how many nuclear waste water were discharged into the sea, and many dangerous actions showed that the Japanese government did not care about the safety of the world’s people. If Japan really sinks, how many countries will come to help?We don’t preach hatred, we just talk about things as they are. It’s really hard for others to like the way the Japanese government does things.If Japan really wants to sink one day, maybe it will be like the Russian netizen said, who is willing to help who help, for Japan, we have done our utmost kindness.