No male/female + transvestite!One of the future stars of the White House is America’s bizarre deputy secretary of state

2022-04-29 0 By

Remember Rachel Levin, biden’s first transgender four-star general?With no military experience, she or he rose to four-star general in just four years, dwarfing the late Colin Powell, who took 32 years to reach the rank.At the time, the story stunned many In China: Had transgender people become almost deified in America?But the rise of transgender Rachel to a four-star general in four years pales in comparison to this latest story.The man in the picture is Sam Brinton.The White House appointed her (him) as assistant deputy secretary of the Department of Energy, to make this androgynous young man a future star of American politics.The us deputy secretary of state can no longer simply define herself as transgender, and even androgynous doesn’t begin to describe her complexity.Brinton is a transvestite enthusiast who has worn a number of jaw-dropping outfits to events.Brinton graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a master’s degree in nuclear engineering and has long worked with nuclear materials.Previously just an ordinary employee in charge of energy waste disposal in the United States, he became famous for his complicated and volatile gender orientation.He even took part in some eye-watering COSPLAY events where he led people on the ground as if they were dogs, and the photos were spoiling.Brinton has always refused to be addressed as “Sir” or “Ma ‘am” or to identify as transgender.”I am who I am, don’t define me by my gender.”No one, including Brinton herself, could have imagined that she would be one of the lucky ones in the “transgendered infallible” wave that has swept America, despite her modest work skills.The White House chose him as the best representative of the transgender, transvestite and genderless community.In an apparent attempt to appeal to America’s vast minority groups, the White House is pitching the androgynous Brinton as the next generation of New Americans, a rising star in US politics.Soon after, Brinton was appointed deputy assistant secretary for Nuclear Fuels and Processing at the U.S. Department of Energy.Even Brinton himself had no idea that fate would come so quickly.He even excitedly posted a selfie of himself on Capitol Hill: “Everything was perfectly arranged!”The appointment was warmly welcomed by several transgender and transvestite groups across the COUNTRY: “Another testament to the greatness of America!””It is wonderful that once again we are leading the world in minority rights protection.”Of course, these groups continue to pressure the White House to give more room to minorities like Mr. Brinton.There are even rumors that the White House is considering Brinton for a civilian job at the Defense Department, following in the footsteps of transgender four-star General Rachel Levin, and perhaps for the next four-star general in the U.S. Military.After all, there is no shortage of transgendered generals in the US military: a recent video of several transgendered GENERALS holding a military meeting in black silk stockings went viral on the Internet.”Support when the President of the United States, the President of the United States wife is also ok!””It’s a little bit special, trans + transvestite + androgynous, it’s all there.””No wonder he is responsible for the disposal of nuclear waste, estimated to have been nuclear radiation.”Imagine if brinton, who is not male, female and transvestite, became us Secretary of Defense.