No more Chinese football faces

2022-04-29 0 By

Feb 1, 2022 AD, the first day of the Lunar New Year, was a milestone for Vietnamese football as Vietnam scored their first point in the third phase of the Asian Zone World Cup qualifying campaign on this day.This day is also the Chinese football should be thoroughly determined to reflect on the day, left China can win the strong team is not much.”No more faces!Thailand lost to Vietnam, then myanmar, and finally no team to lose!”In 2013, a game of 1-5, The Chinese team lost to the Thai Olympic team is very happy.General Fan threw out such a scary prediction, now it looks like [praise] your football association president changed a batch of, the same.One president proposed to learn from Brazil, another president proposed to learn from Holland, over the years, learned from Brazil, Argentina, Holland, France, Germany, Spain, and then began to play with planning, and finally did not learn a single scratch.Always learning, always denying yourself, that’s what Chinese men’s soccer has been doing all these years.The real thing is to learn Japanese football, even Vietnamese football, and learn from them how to slowly go from a mediocre Asian team to a second-rate, first-class Asian team.You had no tactics in this game against Japan and no decent attack in the first half against Vietnam.Li Xiaopeng, how can you afford the position of coach of Chinese men’s football Team??Chen Xuyuan are you doing this for Chinese football?Big New Year to add to the blockage, Chinese football will continue to degenerate?Are we gonna continue to be amateurs?Chinese football should wake up, can not be so closed minded, the Japanese can do, we can not do it?We can’t wait forever to get to the World Cup. Our generation needs to see that day and not leave the problem to the next generation.