To cool?The nets officially announced the bad news, Nash 6 straight losses also bragged, Harden left the countdown

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The two biggest disappointments and surprises in the NBA so far this season have been the Los Angeles Lakers in the West and the Brooklyn Nets in the East.Before the start of the season, both teams were confident of winning this year’s championship and were the two favorites to win it.Through a series of trades and acquisitions, the Lakers acquired westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard and Rajon Rondo, among other veterans, to create the league’s most luxurious roster.The Nets also welcomed “spurs elder” Lamarcus Aldridge and Mills, also signed Millsap, not to mention.But 50 or so games into the season, the actual performances of these teams have been disappointing.The lakers have lost and stumbled, falling out of the top eight in the Western Conference.The lakers now sit 25-28, ninth in the Western Conference, and seem likely to make the playoffs.The Nets aren’t much better, either. After a strong start to the season, the Nets have been on a losing streak.They recently suffered an embarrassing six-game losing streak and have slipped to sixth place in the Eastern Conference.Now the Nets, faced with internal troubles and foreign invasion of the situation.From the outside, there are strong enemies and fierce competitors.The rise of the Bulls this season, the Heat, bucks and other teams are still strong, which puts the Nets under a lot of pressure.Internally, Durant is currently dealing with injuries and a long time out of the game.Irving’s antics are well known, and he can only play on the road for the Nets.Harden seems to be out of his mind as he continues to struggle and scored a rare four points in his last game.The Way the Nets are going, they’re going to keep losing.Today, the Nets official brought fans a disturbing news, that is Harden’s old injury recurrence.The Nets will miss guard James Harden’s game against the Utah Jazz because of tightness in his left hamstring, the team said today.The Nets travel to Salt Lake City today to play the Utah Jazz.If Harden doesn’t play against the mighty Jazz, count on a bunch of role players who have little chance of getting away with it.Barring any surprises, the Nets will lose seven in a row.This bad situation, let all nets fans feel anxiety-laden.However, The Nets coach Nash, for these seem to see more open, he in an interview with a speech, and caused no small controversy.Nash sat down with team reporter Alex Schiffer today to talk about how he’s preparing for the team’s current adversity.”I love this shit right now,” Nash said when asked what he could do to help the team out of its current mess.If I hadn’t handled adversity, I wouldn’t be where I am today.I’m just in this situation again.””I don’t think our recent record reflects how well we’ve played,” Nash said. “We were better.”Fans aren’t happy that Nash is still talking about the team’s performance and boasting about his career success.Instead of resting on his laurels, fans say, Nash needs to help the team find problems and solutions.What’s more, Nash, while accomplished as a player, is a rookie as a coach.Now the Nets this bad situation, also let them face the risk of losing Harden.Recently, there have been repeated media reports that Harden is interested in leaving the Nets this summer to join Embiid with the 76ers.With the Nets’ record getting worse, that possibility is growing.There is reason to believe that Harden’s time in the Nets is running out, and that it is only a matter of time before he leaves a team that has been beset by internal and external problems.