Wuhan Institute of Opto-electronics has laid out 17 public service platforms for all-round service talents

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Yangtze River Daily Wuhan client on January 27, wuhan Municipal Party Committee talent work conference proposed to build a big stage for talents to display their talents, vigorously develop a high standard of scientific and technological innovation platform, with more comprehensive public technical services to form a “strong magnetic field”.On January 27, Changjiang Daily learned that there are more than 180 doctors in wuhan Photoelectric Industrial Technology Research Institute. The institute has set up 17 public service platforms, including electromagnetic compatibility testing platform, to provide all-round services for talents.Chen Changqing, the founder of Wuhan Youwei Star Technology Co., LTD., studied abroad for many years. After returning to China, he was invited by the Institute of Optics and Electronics to start his own business. He LED his team to develop semiconductor UV LED lamps, which can eliminate more than 99.99% bacteria when installed in air conditioners and water purifiers.At present, the products have been used in batches in midea, Haier, Xiaomi and other well-known enterprises, and recently completed B round financing of nearly 100 million yuan.Referring to the rapid growth of the enterprise, Chen Changqing said that it is inseparable from the public service platform built by the Institute.Chen Changqing said that one of the key processes in the production of UV LED products is the preparation of chip integrated circuit board, and the product “proofing” should be carried out on the surface mount production line to complete printing, SMT, reflow welding, testing and other processes.In Wuhan, some large enterprises with surface mount production lines do not accept small-batch, personalized orders, and small workshops cannot meet high-end demand for products.Forced to, Youwei Xing had to find a factory in Guangzhou to commission production, which was not only costly, but also limited in research and development.That you Wei Xing encountered difficulties, the photoelectric college to lend a helping hand.On its public service platform, there are a number of professional third-party surface mounting production lines, designed for the research and development of start-ups, industrialization test services, even a piece of sample can also be produced, and can be modified at any time, iteration.The institute of Optoelectronics has successively completed more than 120 small integrated circuit board samples for Youwei Xing, with a total price of only over 7000 yuan, and the cost of each circuit board sample is less than 60 yuan.Even so, the platform still assigns people to produce it in a separate production line, and tracks the quality and usage of samples.Finally you Wei xing “put on the horse”.Han Dao, general manager of the Institute of Optoelectronics, said that talent entrepreneurship, in the initial stage, because the number of enterprises is small, many times the OEM “do not want to do”.In order to help them “carry” from the laboratory to the last “kilometer” of the production line, THE Institute of Opto-Electronics builds a public service platform with industry neutrality through self-financing or joint construction with universities and leading enterprises. It not only focuses on solving common problems in the industry, but also realizes trial production of small batch and multiple varieties.At present, it has cultivated more than 180 “optical core screen terminal network” enterprise clusters with a total valuation of more than 10 billion yuan.More exciting content, please download “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.