Junior high school chemistry how to learn?Understand these five learning methods, take an examination of the key high school need not worry

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Chemistry seems to be a subject that many people both love and hate. Some students find it difficult and others find it easy.Chemistry is the most polarised subject.Many students are confused about the study of chemistry: chemistry is so difficult!Not only to back, but also to calculate, every point is not easy ah…In fact, it’s not that chemistry is too difficult, but that there’s something seriously wrong with the way you study.In junior high school, although chemistry is offered only in junior three, the purpose is to prepare students for the study in senior high school.For junior high school students, chemistry is a brand new subject, different from traditional subjects such as Chinese, mathematics and English, which can give us a kind of thinking through the phenomenon to see the essence, and cultivate our habit of scientific thinking from the ideological.Junior middle school chemistry as a basic stage, we need to master the knowledge point is very simple.However, there are many knowledge points and a wide range of knowledge. If the method is improper in the process of learning, it will lead to the phenomenon of “easy to learn and difficult to remember”.There were 82 demonstration experiments and 10 group experiments in the first year of junior Three.These experiments can stimulate our interest in learning, help us form chemical concepts, acquire chemical knowledge, cultivate the ability of observation, thinking and hands-on experiments, and help us understand and consolidate the chemical knowledge we have learned, cultivate our scientific attitude of being practical and serious, and improve our ability to solve practical problems.Today, we will talk about the learning methods of junior high school chemistry from these aspects.Such as element symbols, valences, chemical formulas, metal activity sequence table, etc., learning chemistry needs to be properly memorized. Element symbols need to be memorized, but it is not equal to rote memorization. There are more than 20 element symbols need to be memorized, which can be scattered in memory.Hydrogen H, oxygen O, carbon C, chlorine Cl, Sodium Na, Magnesium Mg, aluminum Al, helium He, neon Ne, sulfur S, the rest will be learned later.Life chemistry is closely related to life. We should start from the familiar phenomena around us, timely find problems and explore, and deepen the understanding of the application of chemical knowledge in life.Such as, according to some unscrupulous businessmen use chemical knowledge in life for illegal activities, learn to anti-counterfeiting ShiJia experience and common sense, if you use tap water as water, sulfur bleaching tremella, with industrial alcohol exchange fakes, use detergent and Fried dough sticks cake and other facts, experience to life chemistry, chemistry from life.The general steps of strengthening calculation are: one set (set unknown);Write down the relationship in a chemical equation.Triad (find the relational quantity);Four columns (listing the formula);Five solutions (solution results);Six answers (answer the question in solution);Seven test (check whether the calculation method is reasonable, the answer is correct).At the same time, we are required to carefully examine the topic, thoroughly understand the concept, find the relationship, format standard, strengthen the calculation, one problem multiple solutions, and draw inferences from one example.For the wrong topic must be corrected, to really understand.Attention should be paid to the problem format: clear steps, simple process, accurate answers.Learn to summarize in the learning of a unit, a chapter of the knowledge to organize the knowledge systematized, we learn to classify and summarize these scattered and disorderly knowledge, find out the internal links and rules, the formation of knowledge network.To be able to summarize and summarize according to their own thinking and understanding.At the same time, a reasonable cognitive structure should be formed in the mind through repeated use of knowledge.Last but not least, at the beginning of junior high school chemistry, we must pay attention to the cultivation of interest in chemistry, with interest base point, the subsequent study of chemistry can be more smoothly.