Officer xuan!National football 23 people’s list, 4 new finalists, Guoan double treasure in the column, the strongest 11 early

2022-04-30 0 By

On January 27th, Beijing time, The Chinese men’s football team officially announced the 23-man roster for the match against Japan. The roster basically confirmed what Li Xiaopeng’s coach team said before, there would be no large-scale change, and the lineup will be used in the six matches before the final 12.23 people in the list, Luo Guofu accumulation yellow card suspension, Liu Binbin’s failure to make people feel surprised, Liu Binbin as a side fast horse, can be very good and Wu Lei echoes, in addition, Ji Xiang also did not enter the big list, coupled with li Lei’s absence, this trip China’s men’s football defense is not rich.Chinese men’s football this big list also has a lot of familiar “new face”, li PI period of Deng Hanwen and Liu Yang back to the 23-man roster, Dai Weijun and Tan Long was selected for the first time, which is in Li Tie’s iron home army can’t see, and National security double treasure Zhang Xizhe and Yu Dabao continue to be selected.Defenders: 2-Zheng Zheng, 3-Deng Hanwen, 4-Wang Shenchao, 5-Zhang Linpeng, 6-Jiang Guangtai, 19-Liu Yang, 20-Zhu Chenjie, 22-Yu Dabao Midfielders:8- Ho Junmin, 10- Chang Si-chul, 13- Seo Xin, 14- Ji Chung-guk, 15- Oh Xi, 16- Kim Kyung-do, 21- Dai Wei-jun Forwards:7 – lei, 9 – yuning zhang, 11 – Alan, 17 – WeiShiHao, 18 – the same list, tan lei, Alan and national wealth two naturalized players in the column, since then the Chinese men’s starting eleven also gradually surfaced, be vividly portrayed: the strongest eleven is printing center: yuning zhang strike: lei, Alan, WeiShiHao midfield: xuxin, Wu Xi defenders:Zhang linpeng, two other leaders being Chen ming-shu Zhu Chen jie, too, Wang Shen goalkeeper: wang lei has to be said, the absence of fernando, exxon los national wealth accumulation of suspension, bin-bin liu defeated to attack Chinese football is not rich, but WeiShiHao and yuning zhang new combination, in the face of Japan, may surprise surprise to us.