Siping Tiedong District People’s Court “Never Stops” for the People

2022-04-30 0 By

In order to facilitate litigants, tiedong District People’s Court in Siping city will transfer the service of opening court proceedings from offline to online to improve efficiency and scientific handling.On the afternoon of March 15, The Tiedong Court successfully mediated a dispute over a guarantee insurance contract based on the “Internet court”.In this case, the defendant took out personal credit loan guarantee insurance from the plaintiff (an insurance company limited by shares), and then the plaintiff issued an insurance policy for the defendant. The insured was a bank company limited by shares. The loan amount was 60,000 yuan, and the defendant stopped repaying the loan after repaying 25,455.58 yuan.On September 19, 2020, the plaintiff paid 34,544.42 yuan to the bank. At the same time, a bank transferred all the rights and interests it had recovered from the defendant to the plaintiff. The plaintiff failed to collect the money from the defendant, so the plaintiff filed a lawsuit to the court.Before the court session, the presiding judge communicated with the original and the defendant for many times, and both sides agreed to conduct online mediation.Considering the defendant Sun mou is a big truck driver, running night road, need to sleep during the day to rest, undertake the judge set the court session time to 4 PM.With the help of technical personnel, the parties through the platform smoothly connected to the trial.A series of procedures, such as verifying the identity of the parties, issuing the lawsuit request, conciliation opinion and defense, etc. were carried out through the video. The trial went smoothly. In just over 20 minutes, the two parties reached an agreement on the case dispute, and the defendant promised to repay the plaintiff’s loan of more than 40,000 yuan in installments.Subsequently, the clerk will send the mediation record to both parties through the platform, which will be signed by both parties after confirmation.The trial work of Tiedong Court is progressing steadily with the help of the Internet court. The judges’ love for trial work and devotion to serving the people remain unchanged and never stop.Reporter Li Xuewei