Us athlete says he was’ warmed up ‘by Chinese volunteers:’ Thank you for the Beijing Winter Olympics and will come back.

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Beijing, February 12 news (reporter Yang Hailing) According to the Voice of China of the China Media Group, “News and newspaper Summary” reported that in recent two days, the Video of American snowboarder Tessa Moder being moved to tears by the greeting of volunteers of this Winter Olympics “Welcome to China” became popular all over the Internet.Tessa Moder said that she has been dreaming of China since she was a child, and this time she had an unforgettable trip to China for the Winter Olympics.Tessa Moder: When the volunteer said, “Welcome to China,” I felt such a special love at that moment that I started to cry.Many netizens from the US and other countries commented that my video resonated with them a lot and they missed China too.The volunteer tessa Moder photographed was Sun Zeyu, a student at Tsinghua University.Sun wrote back to Tessa, thanking her for recording the unforgettable moment of her life and wishing her a better performance in China.Tessa also soon to Sun Zeyu reply, two people set a lasting friendship “ice and snow about”.Sun Zeyu: As a more open and inclusive China, we welcome guests and athletes from all over the world. Their experience in China is very good. In fact, it is also the strength of our country.Tessa Moder has taken pictures of life in zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village.Tessa says the rooms are good, the food is good and you can ride bikes in the village.She said that when the epidemic is over, she will come back to China again to meet the new friends she has made in China.Tessa Moder: I brought some bing Dwen dwen for my family and there were a lot of different things in the shop and it was a very special experience and lucky to have Chinese New Year, which means a lot to me.(source: For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.