Wenqu town: habitat environment new yan net Beautiful homeland welcome the New Year

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Since the improvement of rural human settlement environment was carried out, Wenqu Town has been focusing on “cleaning, dismantling, planning and fishing”, focusing on the key points, breaking through difficulties and creating bright spots. With the help of points, wenqu Town has continued to make breakthroughs in improving the appearance of villages and the living environment of the masses, drawing a new picture of rural human settlement environment.From “get moving” to “get hot.”The town side renovation, side publicity, side guidance, has printed and issued more than 10,000 copies of living environment remediation initiative, sent 924 propaganda vehicles, hanging banners 110, installation of more than 500 billboards, brush wall slogans 63, the formation of a massive propaganda offensive, impromptuously stimulate the masses consciousness of the main body.The major ideological change from “ask me to reform” to “I want to reform” has set off a climax of “cadres and the masses” to clean up the “dirty, chaotic and poor” villages, forming a strong atmosphere of village environmental renovation that everyone participates in and every household benefits.From “disorganized” to “clean and organized.”The town to optimize the town business order, standardize environmental health as the main goal, to the town “dirty, messy and poor” phenomenon, comprehensive cleaning garbage and sanitation dead spots, demolition of illegal construction of more than 150 booths, more than 400 billboards, more than 50 parking Spaces, and the implementation of double solid lines, planning no parking areas.After some renovation, the town’s old appearance has changed into a new look.Shops retreat to households, mobile stalls operate within the line, vehicles are parked in an orderly manner, and garbage is placed at designated points, forming a good situation of clean, orderly and standardized operation, so that the masses can really see changes and benefit from the environmental management of market towns.From “ruins” to “beautiful economy”.The town is staring at the outstanding problem of abandoned homesites, dilapidated houses, the villages out of excavators, bulldozers, grasping machines and other machinery more than 3500 times, cleaning up more than 300 pieces of debris, more than 3000 tons of garbage debris, road forest beautification of the full coverage of the village village look brand-new.Adhere to the principle of “adjust measures to local conditions, a house and a slip”, play “xuan, demolition, repair, cure” combination, and actively advocate “a curtilage four parks”, become ruins for garden, garden, orchard, garden, the farming culture, retain nostalgia memory, build rural characteristics, on the basis of change the overall appearance of freshwater, let “ruins” gradually to “beauty economy”,To provide people with a green ecological, harmonious neighborhood, beautiful and livable living environment.From “waste ponds” to “cornucopia”.The town is focused on the key village, the key parts, pushing pits or rubbish, silt removed, the drain plug outlet of salvage, etc, were more than 100 people, the clean pits or 7, coast to afforest, fencing, and combined with “a curtilage four parks” action, recycling salvage silt, provide garden, sure enough, the garden fertilizer.”In the next step, the town will continue to explore a new model of pothole management, adhere to the principle of adapting measures to local conditions and one pothole policy, develop planting and breeding projects, give full play to the ecological environment and social and economic benefits, improve the rural living environment, and boost rural revitalization.””Said Huang Xin, party secretary of the town.