Wu Xi, the captain of the men’s national football Team, has been accused of dodging gambling allegations, and insiders say the football association has begun an investigation

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No one expected that the Chinese men’s soccer team, led by captain Wu Xi, had been exposed by the media as betting on matches when the team just resumed training amid the criticism.The famous football media also exposed that Chen Xuyuan, in the midst of a storm of public opinion, has ordered the Chinese Football Association to launch an investigation into whether there is gambling in the men’s football team in order to restore his reputation. If relevant evidence can be obtained, the second anti-gambling storm in Chinese football will be launched after more than 10 years.If it is true, it is not impossible to let the Chinese men’s football team in the mud trace back to its roots, find the disease root of men’s football, and create conditions for the revival of men’s football.The focus of the investigation is said to be on siPG players, particularly captain Wu Xi, who dodging the ball in the final stages of the Vietnam game, and wang, who spent most of the game looking into his eyes.Some might think it odd that the captain of the Chinese men’s football team was involved in gambling.Actually is not strange things, and for the first time China’s football against QiHong had bet the storm in 2001 as the captain of the Chinese football, in 2001 Asia ten strong match stage, QiHong scored 3 goals, is one of the people of China into the World Cup in Japan and South Korea, including field control, now the team’s unrivalled but is such a talent in prison because of gambling.And it also reminds people of the Shanghai SiPG department yan Junling, Wu Lei, Xu Xin these several starting players, if by the fans expectations of Wu Lei if involved in the concentration, it is estimated that the national fans will be disappointed.In the first anti – gambling storm, Qi Hong and Shen Si are Shanghai Shenhua players.It also reminds people that the focus of the same investigation is still on the Players in Shanghai. Is it possible that in the anti-gambling process, the players involved in the gambling were found, but there are still middlemen who have not been found? It is the existence of these middlemen that makes the gambling, a cancer of great harm to football, always exist.According to the media, betting does not usually pay for a single player, but it does not pay for the entire team, as only three or four players on the pitch can affect the dynamics of the game.The Chinese team to the Vietnamese team of the game, all the institutions are predicting that the Chinese team occupy absolute advantage, but the final 1 than 3 big upset ended, really very strange.It is no wonder that the FOOTBALL Association has questions about why players do not work hard on the pitch, and some of the main players play very strange, but also appear to avoid the ball, the farce of defensive eyes.To know this match to the FOOTBALL association, and even Chinese football have brought very serious consequences.The association, which wants to regain control of football governance and the support of domestic fans, also finds it necessary to operate on players.Investigating some of the main players on the pitch is one thing, and rationalising the men’s wages is another.While current media reports say the maximum salary for men’s soccer players is set at 3 million yuan, some people calculate that the daily salary is around 4,500 yuan.This is still more than 99.9 people’s income in China, still make fans very dissatisfied, develop a reasonable reward and punishment mechanism, for the Football Association is also a big thing to grasp.Whether Chen Xuyuan, who has long been criticized by Chinese soccer fans, can lead Chinese soccer to glory depends on whether he has the courage and true leadership and innovation ability to save the men’s soccer team from disaster.I am a fisherman on the boulder, take you to see the fun fishing circle, discuss fishing skills, of course, also play ball, kick the ball fisherman.Many observers add a attention to their spare time, thank you, but also to support my publication