2022 can fire breeding project sharing, as long as willing to do, basically can make a lot of money!

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Hi everyone, we meet again, I am your old friend – farmer Zhang.Thank you all for your support and encouragement all the time. With your support and encouragement, I can go further in the writing road and continuously bring more useful and good information to you.As usual, today we continue to talk about the countryside!In recent years, the relevant departments of our country have supported all kinds of projects in rural areas, especially the rural planting and breeding projects. The state has given greater support, which makes many young people in rural areas see business opportunities and choose to go back to their hometowns to start their own businesses.In fact, farming in rural areas is also a very good choice, because there are many entrepreneurial advantages in rural areas. As a new entrepreneur, it is certainly the most rational choice to choose a small rural business. I will share with you a few breeding projects that are easy to raise and easy to sell in 2022, hoping to help you.2022 can fire breeding project to share!Rutin chicken has become an Internet sensation in the past two years, thanks to the hype of Internet tycoons, but anyway, it’s definitely catching on — and not in a good way.My long-time fan friends will remember that I shared the rutin chicken project several times last year. I predicted it would be a big hit, and I was right.Last year, it only cost 10-15 yuan to buy a rutin chicken online, but now because of its popularity, more people buy it, the price has soared, the current online sale of rutin chicken is about 40 yuan.Although the price of rutin chicken is very high now, there are still a lot of people who buy it. Every rutin chicken seller on the Internet has more than 100,000 sales, which shows how popular rutin chicken is now.Rutin is the world’s smallest chicken chicken, it looks a lot like quail, head and even smaller than quail, but it has several advantages, one is the small cute, it is easier to feed, the second is that it is to lay eggs, almost every day to the next eggs, chicken farming a few rutin can realize the freedom of eggs, three chicken contains rutin is a kind of special nutrients,Eating it regularly is very helpful to the human body.Breeding ruding chicken cost is small, raising time is short, eat less, easy to feed, a ruding chicken raised to sell, the cost price will not exceed 6 yuan, and now the selling price can reach dozens of yuan a, even if the wholesale price can reach 15-20 yuan a, we can calculate, do this line in the end to make money.Two, vespa estimates that we all know the value of wild vespa, but few people know about artificial vespa?In southern China, people like to buy wild wasps very much. A nest of wasps can sell for thousands of yuan, and even some beehives can sell for tens of thousands of yuan per nest. It is because of its high value that people begin to study how to artificially breed it.Wasp breeding is an emerging project, which is more difficult than bee breeding technology. At present, there are a lot of people raising wasps nationwide, but there are not many people who can truly scientific and large-scale breeding success, which is mainly because the technology is not mature enough.But there are always exceptions. In the case of the failure of many people to breed vwasps, there are also some people in Yunnan, Hunan and Guangxi who have successfully bred vwasps, and the major news media have reported on them.It is said that the quality of artificial breeding wasp with wild about, because is half wild grazing mode of cultivation, so the quality is high, the price is very good, also sold very open, often in short supply, after the success of the farming can get hundreds of thousands, millions of considerable income, so it is recommended that a good breeding programs,As long as they can raise it, they have little trouble selling it.In recent years, due to the implementation of the 10-year fishing ban policy along the Yangtze River in China, freshwater products in many places are in short supply, which leads to the high price of freshwater products, so now freshwater products is also a very good entrepreneurial project.In rural areas, many places have a variety of ponds, people can make use of these resources, raise some fish, loach, eel, field snail, tilapia and so on, these aquatic products now the market price is stable, the market is smooth.The cost of rural aquaculture fresh water products is low, aquaculture is not difficult, the novice can also aquaculture success, the profit is very good, a 20 or 30 acres wide reservoir used to breed fresh water fish, annual income can reach more than 100,000 yuan, this is also very good.In addition, in the countryside can also use the paddy field breeding crayfish, breeding frogs, breeding rice fish and so on, are very good projects, as long as breeding success, can make a lot of money.The folk saying “a pigeon beats nine chickens” shows how much people love pigeons.Although the pigeon is not big, but no matter taste or nutritional composition is quite good, especially for the weak people, often drink pigeon soup for the body has a lot of help.Breeding pigeon cost is very small, investment of several thousand dollars can start to do, it is simple to feed less, and pigeons grow fast, breeding cycle is very short, more than 20 days can be sold, so breeding pigeon cost is low, return capital fast, breeding economic benefits are very good.Pigeon breeding is indeed a good project to get rich quickly, rural people can early raise a little less, their own slow development, will soon be able to develop pigeons, suitable for all kinds of rural people development and entrepreneurship, the profit is much higher than raising chickens and pigs.Goat Farming As you know, the price of goats has been going up, and goat farming has been hot for several years.Goat farming in rural areas has many advantages, such as readily available breeding resources, cheaper breeding grounds and vast grasslands for grazing.Goats in rural areas can be raised in free-range mode, or can be raised in pasture, or can be raised in semi-enclosure and semi-grazing mode. Anyway, no matter what method is used to raise goats, the prospect is very good and the profit is considerable.In our local area, there is an old shepherd, he raises a hundred goats all the year round, and he will sell some halfway. He basically does not pay extra money to feed the goats, all by grazing, is such a traditional way of breeding, he can earn nearly 100,000 yuan a year, you can imagine how high the profit is.If we are novice goat breeding, it is recommended to buy a small amount of lambs or young sheep in the early stage, to cultivate sheep themselves, so that not only the early investment is small, but also relatively easy to develop and grow sheep, adhere to one or two years to earn more than ten or two hundred thousand yuan is not difficult, much better than working.Conclusion: The above is all the content I want to share with you today. In rural farming projects, we must prepare for the investigation, learn more about the market, learn more technology, and communicate with peers, so as to succeed in breeding. There is no blindly following the trend.Ok, that’s all for today. If you have anything else to say, you can leave a comment in the comment section to discuss it. Finally, I would like you to help me to follow, forward and press the “like” button, thank you!