Lu Wenlong, deputy manager of event Services of the National Biathlon Center: Serve the Winter Olympics and record the Winter Olympics

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Lu Wenlong is at the work site.At 8:00 PM on February 3, a full-process, full-element live-action drill was coming to an end in the stands of the National Biathlon Center.According to the competition schedule, Lu Wenlong, deputy manager of the event services of the National Biathlon Center, and the volunteers have practiced the part of simulating the exit of spectators.It was their fourth and final round of practice in recent days in temperatures in the minus 20s and high winds.On February 5th, the first competition of the National Winter Biathlon Center will be held.They have to accommodate about 580 spectators per game.Excited, longing.On the way back to their accommodation, the volunteers were in lively discussion, guessing what the opening ceremony would be on the night of February 4.Lu picks up his phone, flips through the work photos the volunteers have sent him, and imagines the evening’s hand-drawn illustrations.”I’m used to finishing this special Winter Olympics’ diary ‘at the end of my work.We have more than 90 volunteers in our field, and I promised them that I would give each of them a hand-drawn illustration of their service to the Winter Olympics.”Lu wenlong said.Lu wenlong, a teacher at Yanshan University, first got involved with the Winter Olympics when he tried to create illustrations on the theme of the games at the suggestion of a friend.He did not expect to have the opportunity to participate in the service of the Winter Olympics, so he cherished the days of serving the National Biathlon Center more. Every day after work, he would spare an hour to record the wonderful moments of everyone with his brush.Lu wenlong said he had promised to complete 666 hand-drawn illustrations by the end of the Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing, and has completed nearly 400 so far.When all the works are finished, he dreams of making these illustrations into growth charts to show the dedication of the Winter Olympics people.For the Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony of the illustration creation, Lu Wenlong has also considered.Previously, he had the honor to participate in the rehearsal of the opening ceremony, as an “athlete” in the “Bird’s Nest” role to walk the entire line.He said that after the opening ceremony is over, he will use a paintbrush to reproduce its wonderful moments.(Zhao Ruixue, hebei Daily reporter) Pay close attention to Hebei News network for the latest news in Hebei.