115 square modern style three-bedroom, come to see all say is luxurious decoration

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The decoration of the small house is modern style, because it is a three-bedroom, so it cost 150,000. Everyone came to visit our home and said that it was too good, it is simply luxury decoration, today to share with you.A black tea table is placed on the wooden floor, the sofa with real wood frame + leather is arranged, and a chandelier with creative modeling is combined with the ceiling.And TV wall also is made modelling of woodiness frame of a black setting, decorate black TV ark, concise and elegant place adorn article, let a space appear to be full of mature and comfortable dignified feeling.Still have the comfortable cushion of wave window and embrace pillow, integral space appears simple and refined.The sitting room is the most frequent use in People’s Daily life, as the center of the whole house, the sitting room is worth people more attention.When decorating, must put major energy in this area, make an exquisite sitting room.The living room is decorated with light coffee color wall and wood color door. The whole space is filled with warm and comfortable comfortable feeling. The gray leather sofa texture, elegant hanging pictures on the sofa wall, fruit baskets and vases on the tea table, bring a kind of warm and elegant modern high-grade temperament.For the bedroom, should not be too long or too large, a long and narrow space is not good layout, and easy to let a person generation loneliness.To avoid this phenomenon, we can split it in two and add a cloakroom or study inside, etc.Second lie place the bed of walnut on and ark of the head of a bed, the wall of the head of a bed hangs the white gray yellow splash-ink picture of an abstract impressionism, integral space is concise simple but elegant position, give a person a kind of mature look at and harmonious feeling.Advocate lie the space is relatively loose, the adornment of modelling of a metal sun is hanging on the wall of the head of a bed, decorate real wood bed and ark of the head of a bed, droplight of a group of spheroid is decorated, the ark of the head of a bed is furnished in dining-room common home has dining table and chair, the comfort of dining table and chair also affects the mood that the person takes food.Should notice its beautiful sex and practical when choosing dining-room furniture, avoid chooses a few not practical furniture by all means.Dining-room decorates ark of edge of woodiness table and finished food, the eat chair of collocation coriaceous cushion, still have delicate vase to decorate, make have dinner space dignified and refined.Not be the light is more sufficient had better, point-blank the sunshine that comes in not only can stimulate an eye, also go against concentration spirit, because this is when undertaking design to the study, should notice desk is put had better not be point-blank by sunlight, can choose the place that is in backlight.The design of desk + small bed on the study customization, interesting plant design decorative painting is hung on the metope, in combination with bright-coloured and lively matching colors, the host provided a comfortable and relaxed home office and reading environment.The space is based on the hard decoration of modern style, the furniture is combined with mature and dignified leather art and solid wood, and the soft decoration details are added with some light design, making the space dress up a comfortable and elegant temperament.