Changjiang Court held the party group (expanded) meeting to study and implement the spirit of the provincial court president and party conduct and anti-corruption work conference

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On the afternoon of February 17th, Zhong Zhenqiang, president and secretary of the CPC Leading Group of the People’s Court of Changjiang Li Autonomous County, presided over the CPC Leading Group (expanded) meeting to study and implement the spirit of the provincial court president and the conference on Party conduct, Clean government construction and anti-corruption work.The meeting conveyed the spirit of speech delivered by Chen Fengchao, president of Hainan High People’s Court, at the 2022 Hainan Court President’s Conference, as well as the thinking, key points and key tasks of the work of courts in the province this year.Meeting pointed out, and partial policemen to comprehensive in-depth study comprehends Chen Fengchao dean speech spirit earnestly, further improve the ideological understanding, earnestly the thought and action unity to Chen Fengchao dean’s speech spirit and provincial high court deployment requirements, closely around the “basic jumped at the grass-roots level in” focus, rot work, fulfill duties,Promote the changjiang Court to achieve new progress in various tasks, with high-quality judicial action to meet the 20th party congress and the eighth provincial Party Congress.The meeting stressed that to combine ChangJiang court work reality, political construction, the service general situation, making trial mass effect promotion, justice for the people, the reform of the judicial system, team construction work tasks, take effective measures, powerful and orderly push to implement the tasks be born, will do a good job parameter, in a timely manner to the county, the county party committee politics and law committee, and reports to the higher court.On the implementation of the spirit of the provincial Court Presidents’ Conference, Zhong Zhenqiang put forward five requirements: 01. First, strengthen political construction guided by party construction.Establish a regular and institutionalized mechanism of theoretical learning, continue to focus on the original learning through the central group study of party Leadership group theory, special Party lessons, party branch “three meetings and one lesson” and other forms, using the “test to promote learning” way, improve the rigidity and effect of political learning;Uphold the Party’s absolute leadership over judicial work, and promptly request instructions and report to the courts on major matters and major sensitive cases;We will conscientiously implement the system whereby the Leading Party Members’ group is responsible for comprehensively and strictly governing the Party, and ensure that the leading Party members’ group is fully responsible for managing the Party and exercising its primary responsibility as the party’s top leader.Strictly implement the responsibility system for ideological work, especially the “three synchronous” working mechanism, and analyze and judge public opinion risks in advance.Second, we will focus on preventing and defusing major risks and fully serve the overall situation.To carry out in-depth anti-mafia and anti-drug struggle, and help the construction of safe Changjiang and rule of law in Changjiang;Dissolve the significant risks and take the initiative to provide enterprises with high efficiency, convenient judicial service, continuously optimize business environment, rule by law in the judicial escort “five to two counties” “clean energy high-tech industrial park” “hainan tropical rain forest national park” construction, actively participate in “six water should be” country revitalization “, “power ChangJiang green sustainable development with high quality.Third, to improve the quality and efficiency of trials based on the basic level.Further deepen the concept of “unity of the three genders”, handle more cases with soul and temperature;Unified standards of adjudication, strict retrieval of class A cases, pay close attention to “four types of cases”, prevent “class A cases different judgment”;Strengthen balanced settlement of cases, establish node early warning mechanism, prevent protracted cases;We will improve the supervision mechanism for the improvement of trial efficiency, and comprehensively improve the tripartite mechanism for the separation of complicated and simple cases, trial management, the use of information platforms, and the promotion of execution.Take the construction of “two one-stop” as the starting point to deepen the judiciary for the people.Improve the litigation convenience service system, create a convenient and efficient litigation service system, improve the level of intelligent litigation service, reduce the burden of the masses;We will improve multiple mechanisms for resolving disputes, continue to promote the development of mediation platforms, three-pronged mediation platforms and rural rule of law centers, and resolve the source of conflicts and disputes.Improve the protection mechanism of minors, rely on the innovation base of “Rule of law Campus”, carry out regular publicity of legal knowledge, strengthen education and guidance;We vigorously promoted the building of people’s courts, and made it a priority to make them solid and strong.Fifth, we should strengthen team building with the guidance of ability improvement.Strengthen the construction of the group, optimize the structure of the group, improve the ability and level of the group members to plan the overall situation, grasp the direction, grasp the major issues, and increase the synergy;We will carry out the “Year of Capacity Improvement” activities, insist on regular intensive study, make up for weak points and strengthen weak links, and comprehensively enhance the knowledge reserve of the staff and enhance their ability to perform their duties.We will continue to promote party conduct, integrity, and anti-corruption work, consolidate and deepen the achievements made in improving the education and rectification of procuratorial and judicial personnel, give top priority to strict conduct, and continue to improve the conduct and discipline of courts.Wechat id: HNCJfy Sina Weibo: @Changjiang Court