Dragon Xiangyang: Bright sword “dirty messy difference blocking” charge “clean beautiful chang”

2022-05-02 0 By

Rednet moment February 10 – (correspondent Ouyang Shi) On the morning of February 8, Long Xiangyang, secretary of Lanshan County Party Committee, went to the first responsibility area, such as Jinlong Street, to investigate the improvement of urban management.County leaders Huang Zhezhang, Chen Liusan, Pan Zhipeng to participate.Long Xiangyang and his party successively came to The Pagoda Feng Middle Road, Ring City Road, Xiangyue Middle Road, the first farmers’ market, public bus station and other places, to understand the market management, parking lot planning and construction, road traffic and other situations.In the subsequent symposium, urban management, market service center, emergency units around the current existence of road occupying operation, motor vehicles disorderly parking, market management and other issues put forward opinions and suggestions.To the dragon, points out that to further implement the “urban management promotion year” pledging conference spirit, strong shoulder responsibility area “” the first responsibility, by means of the greatest determination, the iron, the most stringent measures for the administration to”, “dirty, disorderly and poor strong-arm reaction, to” clean, net, the United States and chang “charge, to create a clean, neat, orderly and safe urban environment of the city;Work tasks should be further decomposed, work measures should be further detailed, and time, leadership and department should be further defined, so that tasks should be assigned to people and responsibilities.We need to adhere to a people-centered development philosophy, focus on hot issues that the people strongly complain about and difficult problems affecting the city’s appearance and environment and urban management, and take measures to solve them one by one so that the people will have a greater sense of happiness and gain.To persuade vendors to enter the market or to the designated area to ensure clean streets, smooth traffic;To mobilize the masses to consciously participate in the “Year of Urban Management Improvement” activities, actively participate in the volunteer action of urban management;Through the establishment of rules and regulations, it is necessary to promote the normal long-term, continue to push forward the work, consolidate the achievements of rectification, and avoid falling into the vicious circle of rectification, rebound, and re-rectification.